Have you ever had a motorcycle jacket fit you astonishingly well right out of the box? I’ve had that happen exactly twice in my riding career. The first time was a very pleasant surprise, because up to that point it was as close to perfect as I’d seen. It was a leather jacket, but the sleeves were still a touch too long and needed alteration so the elbow armor would seat properly along the specific length of my T-rex arms. I still have and love this jacket today. 

The second time is apparently a charm, because the second time fits perfectly with zero qualifiers. It’s the Rokker Black Jacket Lady Short—an understated, well-fitting piece of protective kit.  

You see, the fine folks at motorcycle gear maker Rokker apparently didn’t just chop off the bottom few inches of a regular-length jacket and call it a day. Oh, no. Instead, the sleeves are actually the perfect length for me, with zero alterations necessary. I like gloves with at least a little bit of a gauntlet to them, and they slide ever so neatly inside the cuffs for complete coverage, even on the reach to the handlebars. 

Rokker Black Jacket Lady Short - Rear View
Rokker Black Jacket Lady Short - Waist Adjuster Closeup

For reference, I’m somewhere between 5’3” and 5’4”, my arms and legs are short, and my torso is long-ish in comparison. Add into that the multiple difficulties that most women have in finding protective motorcycle gear that fits well, and you have the complete picture. If you’re in a similar situation, or someone close to you is, you need to know about this jacket. 

The Rokker Black Jacket Lady Short can be summarized in one word: Thoughtful. It boasts plenty of protective features, but little things like putting a black, rubberized coating on the lowest snap closures so you don’t scratch the paint on your tank? That’s the chef’s-kiss level of detail I’m talking about, friends. Also, the breast pockets are totally easy to operate with gloved hands and are perfect for stashing a payment card so you’re always ready for the next fuel stop. NICE. 

I have to say, at first glance, the neck closure on this jacket made me wonder if I was going to like it at all, because I don’t usually like high necks on jackets. However, that’s apparently because I hadn’t experienced one that fits comfortably and snugly but is also neither tight nor constricting. In other words, it’s because I hadn’t experienced the Black Jacket Lady Short. I’m telling you, Rokker’s clothing designers absolutely nailed it with this design. 

I’ve been wearing it for some time now, on rides both long and short, in weather cool and breezy as well as hot and humid. Now, if you’re concerned about breathability, it’s not a mesh jacket. Nothing breathes quite like mesh—but I’ll say, it is still impressively breathable.  

Gallery: Rokker Black Jacket Lady Short

Rokker says it uses a special coating called “coldblack” to reflect both heat and UV rays, offering the added benefit of UPF 30 protection. While I’m not a chemistry expert, I can tell you from personal experience that it breathes very nicely. I’ve felt totally comfortable even on hot days, and I also definitely haven’t had a sunburn while wearing it.  

The jacket is made with Schoeller Dynatec, which is “an extremely hard-wearing and tear-resistant fabric with good protective properties and high stability. It is highly abrasion-resistant and offers maximum protection even in the event of a fall at high speed,” according to Rokker. Thankfully, I haven’t crashed in it. I’m not an independent testing laboratory, so I can’t scientifically confirm the accuracy of those descriptions. I will say it’s reassuring to read, though. 

Full D3O armor is present throughout this jacket, in elbows, shoulders, and an included back protector. All are tucked neatly into tidy cloth pockets, and the feel of both the armor and its placement virtually disappears when you put them on. Need to stretch when you’re on a long ride? It’s totally comfortable, and you’re neither bound nor constricted by this jacket or its armor placement.  

It has a CE level A protection rating, which means it’s meant for low-stress situations. In other words, you’re not taking it to the track—but then, you probably knew that just by looking at it. I find myself reaching for this jacket more often than not lately, and it’s not only because I wanted to give it a proper evaluation. It’s well-suited to most riding occasions. If you’re looking for a women’s moto jacket that fits well and also just looks like a nicely-made black denim jacket when you’re off the bike, you’ve found it. 

Product front-and-back photo courtesy of Rokker; all other photos by Joe Lucente

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