Italian motorcycle gear maker Dainese is growing! At the end of September, 2020, the company announced that it acquired Italian bootmaker TCX. Dainese prides itself on offering motorcycle rider safety from head to toe, and this is a step toward consolidating that goal. AGV covers your head, Dainese covers your body, and TCX keeps your toes well protected. 

For those unfamiliar, TCX has been in the bootmaking business since 1999, when the Treviso-based technical footwear manufacturer first brought its Oxtar boots to market. At the time, it patented its Torsion Control System (TCS). The company changed its name to TCX in 2007, and has continued to broaden its approach to technical motorcycle boot design across various riding styles and functions up to the present. 

“Improving safety in dynamic sports has always been the Dainese mission,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group.  

“[We are] committing to ongoing research into innovative systems that protect athletes from head to toe. We are extremely proud of this operation. TCX shares with Dainese the passion for product and adds technical and development skills that are fundamental in motorbike footwear. I take the opportunity to welcome the TCX team. We cannot wait [to start] working together.” 

It’s unclear at this point whether TCX will maintain its current facilities in Montebelluna, or will be moving at some yet-to-be-determined point in the future. Since Dainese already makes and sells boots of its own, another thing that’s unclear is whether both brands of boots will continue, perhaps with the two marques targeting different segments of riders regarding both function and styling. In any case, Dainese is well regarded for its high quality and attention to detail, so there’s no reason to expect anything but the same standards from the group going forward.  

Sources: Moto.ITSuperbike News 

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