For the past month or so, we’ve all been living strange lives. What was once considered normal, everyday living, has now been turned upside down with people being forced to stay home, economies—particularly the motorcycle industry—suffering, and worse, people dying. The fact that we’ve been forced to put our beloved bikes aside hasn’t helped in alleviating the social and emotional anxieties brought about by the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus. In times like this, it helps to stay positive and engaged with something you love to do. 

Luckily, Dainese has done something to help us stay informed, entertained, and educated about motorcycle history as well as tips and tricks for nearly everything about motorcycles. Dubbed Demonerosso, or red demon—their company logo, Dainese’s online journal features tons of content across a wide array of categories. From stories about the history of innovation of motorcycle technology, to the evolution of motorcycle gear, Demonerosso features content that is both relevant and informative. Adding to the relevance in the current situation, the journal also features stories sharing workouts pro racers do at home. 

The Demonerosso journal is also very structured in order to aid easy and convenient reading. As of now, it features six categories namely: innovation, design, craftsmanship, ergonomics, protection, and performance. Each category is filled with stories and articles that provide a wealth of knowledge, and even things you could possibly try within the confines of your home. 

On Demonerosso’s homepage, you’ll find a short and sweet introduction stating: “The Speed Demon is inside all of us. Travel with Dainese through stories, technologies, humans and tales from the dynamic sports protection world, and beyond.” Indeed, in trying times like this, you can take us away from our passions—from the open road, the race track, or wherever you enjoy riding most—but you can’t take the passion away from us. 

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