Not every rider likes to wrench, but the advantages of being someone who’s at least a little bit handy if you’re also adventure-inclined are obvious. If you like to get as far off the beaten track as possible and test your adventure bike’s mettle, that’s cool, but what if you’re hundreds of miles from help and it throws a code?  

If your adventure bike of choice is a fuel-injected BMW, you’re in luck. That’s why the HEX Code GS-911 diagnostic tool exists. There are a few different variations, depending on your needs: the GS-911usb Generation 2 comes with an OBD-II connector, or there’s the GS-911wifi in either 10-pin connector or OBD-II connector versions. The USB version hooks up to Windows PCs using a USB cable. Both WiFi versions are where this tool really shines for adventurers, though—because they’ll talk to your iOS or Android smartphone as long as you have the GS-911wifi app installed.  

That’s an incredible amount of convenience, especially when space is at a premium. How well does it work? Obviously, your individual circumstances may vary—but according to Hex Code, they’ve had seasoned adventure riders Simon and Lisa Thomas from 2RideTheWorld test their devices in the wild for over 724,000 kilometers—or nearly 449,873 miles. 

Hex Code GS-911usb
Hex Code GS-911WiFi 10-Pin

Two different tiers of license are available: The Enthusiast one will let you use the tool on up to 10 motorcycles, while the Professional license gives you unlimited access to use it on as many bikes as you choose. The ability to browse and clear your bike’s fault codes with ease, no matter where in the world you are, seems like a great way to take some of the stress out of doing expedition riding. Accepting that things will go wrong and you’ll need to deal with them at some point is an important thing to realize. Knowing you have exactly the right tool in your pocket to handle whatever the trip throws at you is a definite plus.  

Sadly, if you want to adventure on bikes that aren’t BMWs, you’ll need to look elsewhere—but if you have a bike that can use this tool, it seems like a pretty useful addition to your toolbox.  

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