Do you love the classic, retro look of a jet helmet? If you’re looking for a new one, European motorcycle accessories distributor Louis just released a new option. It’s called the Nishua Jet 2, and as you might expect, it offers a slightly different design to the original Nishua Jet helmet.  

While the original Jet featured a solid color scheme on the helmet itself, along with a matching trim piece that frames the wearer’s face, the Jet 2 has a chrome border instead. The old version also didn’t have snaps over the face port to attach an optional visor, while the Jet 2 does. Finally, the Jet 2 features a handy rear strap to help hold down a goggles strap, should you opt to wear a pair in addition to this helmet. 

The fiberglass shell comes in five sizes to span the XS to 4XL helmet size range. As is pretty common on modern helmets, the entire interior is both removable and washable, so you can keep your helmet clean and comfortable. The chinstrap has a double D-ring closure, and the entire thing weighs 880 grams, or 1.94 pounds. It has ECE 22.05 J approval, and is not currently approved or distributed in North America. 

Nishua Jet 2 Helmet White

The Nishua Jet 2 helmet is sold across Europe, as well as in Russia. Japan’s Webike online store in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand lists the first Nishua Jet helmet for sale at the time of writing, but doesn’t yet have the Jet 2 listed. It’s reasonable to expect that they might get it in the future, though. Black, matt black, white, white and blue, and brown are the available colors. To our eyes, the brown definitely looks closer to a bronze color with a black pinstripe around the border. Pricing for this lid through Louis starts at €99.99, or around $118.55.  

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