Riding is great, but if you don’t have panniers (or a riding buddy who’ll stash your stuff for you), what do you do with your gear when you’re off the bike and walking around? ATGATT helps keep you safe, but initially figuring out what you want to do with that gear at lunch stops can be annoying until you get it sorted.  

That’s exactly the problem that Indian gear manufacturer Ulka Gear aims to solve. It’s launched two convertible motorcycle jackets that can turn into convenient backpacks to tote your helmet and gloves around while you’re off the bike. Both jackets feature CE level 1 armor in shoulders and elbows, along with a pocket for a back protector, and YKK zippers are standard. 

Sizes range from XS to 3XL in this unisex jacket, there’s a waist adjuster, and pockets are water-resistant per Ulka. There’s a waterproof rain cover supplied with each jacket that you can wear on the outside to protect against rain, or underneath as a windbreaker. It’s simple, but if it does the trick, why overcomplicate things?  

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The Hakkit Forever jacket is made of 600D cordura, and has four water-resistant pockets along with a mobile phone holder pocket on the left sleeve. It comes in red and black with silver accents, at a price of Rs. 10,999, or US $146. Meanwhile, the Hakkit V2 comes in all black, is made of 600D cordura, has four-water-resistant pockets but no mobile phone holder pocket, and also features mesh panels for better airflow in hot weather. The V2 costs Rs. 8,999, or US $119. Prices include tax, but shipping is calculated at checkout.  

Both jackets convert into backpacks with clever use of zippers and folding the sleeves up to hold them securely out of the way, so they’re not just flapping around as you move. Ulka says that both jackets can take up to 12 kg of weight (or 26 pounds), while offering 30 liters of storage space.  

This seems like a promising idea, but one concern I’d have would be all the bugs all over my helmet when I stop. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to smear bug guts inside my jacket just so I could easily carry my helmet around. If you’re the kind of person who carries cleaner and cloths with you to clean your helmet while you’re out, then that’s clearly not an issue. Otherwise, it might be something to consider.  

I usually carry a helmet sock around with me to stash my lid when I’m off the bike, and it has straps so I can hang it off my shoulder like a shoulder bag. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. On days where it’s very hot and I want to take my jacket off as well, an idea like this sounds promising. What do you think?  

Source: Ulka Gear 

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