If you’re looking to upgrade your motocross and off-road gear, it’s a good time to do so because manufacturers are unveiling their 2021 collection. By the looks of it, we’re getting a couple of new interesting things worth checking out this season.    

At Alpinestars, the 2021 updates include a new selection of Supervented products that promote airflow and breathability. Introducing the SM5 enduro and Tech 10 Supervented boots.   

The SM5 enduro  is entirely new to the lineup and Alpinestars says it took five years to develop. The result is a lightweight and ultra-robust helmet that features a HIPRO High Impact Polymer Parametric shell combined with a multiple density liner for optimal noggin protection.   

The helmet is also designed with an integrated collarbone protector, a patented peak release system, a padding emergency release system and, of course, plenty of air vents for optimal comfort. There are two sizes of shells and a total of six helmet sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The antimicrobial liner and padding can be removed and washed. Check out the Alpinestars SM5 helmet full list of features here.  

As the “Supervented” name suggests, the Italian manufacturer worked on improving its products’ airflow and breathability. In the case of the Tech 10 boots, the focus on keeping the rider comfortable is reflected in both the choice of materials and the boot’s construction.  

2021 Alpinestars SM5 Helmet and Tech 10 Boots
2021 Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots

Using a ventilation system reminiscent of a helmet, Alpinestars designed the Tech 10 with a set of vents located on the front of the boot—including on the tip of the toes, at the sole—that circulates air inside the boot and let it out at the back thanks to exhaust vents located on the calf and heel. According to the manufacturer, this new system dissipates heat 34 percent faster than a non-vented boot. In addition to the vent system, the boot also features a mesh lining and perforated padding for optimal airflow. You can check out the Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented full list of features here.   

The manufacturer also took the opportunity to introduce a new range of protectors and kid-oriented products. The list includes a slew of Bionic all-over body protectors for children and adults, as well as the SX-1 v2 Knee and Elbow Protectors.   

The Alpinestars SM5 helmet starts at $229.95 for a solid color model and the Tech 10 Supervented boots, at $649.95. The boots are already up for grabs on the Alpinestars website while the helmet has yet to become available.   

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