Smart helmets are the booming trend in motorcycle gear, as evidenced by the increasing number of startups that are launching their version of what a smart, connected helmet should be. One of the latest names added to the list of startups is Tali Connected, a company that dreams of improving your safety, your connectivity, but also your visibility.

The French startup brings all the features we expect from a helmet worthy of being called “smart” to the table. That includes Bluetooth capability, smartphone connectivity, voice commands, calls management, navigation, music streaming, and a convenient photochromic visor. The helmet will also call emergency services if a crash is detected. Using Tali’s proprietary app (currently in development), the owner will even be able to track the helmet if it gets stolen. 

We’ve been so spoiled by all the smart helmets concepts introduced over the past two years that we now expect to see these features on the list. Yawn. So what’s Tali’s most interesting selling point? It’s all in the lighting. 

The one feature that makes Tali’s technology stand out from the growing crowd of smart helmets is the use of signal lights synced with the motorcycle’s. The lid is wrapped in strips of LED lights that act as turn and brake signals. If you brake, the red light at the back lights up. If you are preparing to make a turn, the orange lighting will blink on the same side as your bike’s flasher. 

It sounds kind of silly to have such an elaborate lighting system on as small a surface as a helmet but to be fair, it will definitely make your intentions hard to miss for other road users. 

Tali has been developing the helmet for three years now and still has a ways to go. The company is getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the next stage of development and is hoping to launch its first product before the end of 2020. It expects pricing to be set at around $1,200. 

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