Half the fun of owning a motorcycle is making it your own. Personalizing and adding your own little touches to make your fit your own particular tastes and needs has always been a big part of the ownership experience. Maybe you want to add performance, or durability, or style, or maybe you just want to replace some of the mass-production OEM pieces with something a bit higher quality. KTM 790 Adventure owners now have a new supplier of high-quality accessories: Hepco & Becker.

When you go adventuring off road, things run the risk of getting damaged, as I’m sure our man Justin Hughes can attest to. That’s why most of the Hepco & Becker offerings are geared towards offering additional capability offroad, which is hopefully where your 790 Adventure will be spending a fair chunk of time.

The company offers a variety of tank bags, tail bags, side cases, and all manner of rear racks for attaching luggage. When you’re out there roaming the world, you need to be able to take everything you need with you and hold it securely. That means not just using bungee cords and your old JanSport backpack. So whatever you need to haul, there’s probably a way to strap, fasten, or bolt it on.

H&B also sells an engine guard that is really more of a fuel tank guard. If you don’t remember, the 790 Adventure's fuel tank is a horseshoe shape that straddles the bike's frame and runs down both sides. While this has a lot of packaging benefits, some offroaders are a little nervous about using the gas tank to protect the engine, and worried bout banging it into rocks, trees, or small woodland creatures.

These are just a few of the accessories that Hepco & Becker offer for the KTM 790 Adventure and they all seem designed to solve real-world problems. I especially like the plate that adds a bit of extra width to the kickstand to stop it from sinking into soft ground. That’s meant for dirt but would work just as well on sun-baked asphalt. I can appreciate that degree of thoughtfulness.

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