While Italian manufacturer AGV is best-known for its performance motorcycle helmets, notably its collection of special Valentino Rossi designs. The manufacturer is now broadening its portfolio with the addition of a new street-friendly, sub-$500 helmet, the K6. 

One of the new model’s most notable feature is the weight. At 2.76lb, the K6 is one of the lightest helmets currently offered on the market. Its reduced weight is in part due to its carbon-aramid shell, a material designed to provide high impact and abrasion resistance while also being lightweight.

Inside the shell, AGV uses EPS padding of five different densities to provide optimized protection on key impact points. The lining and pads are made of antibacterial and waterproof materials that also absorb sweat to keep the head dry. The helmet’s inners can be removed for washing. The design makes it easy for the rider to wear glasses and is compatible with the AGV ARK comm system.

Gallery: AGV K6 Helmet

At the front of the helmet, five air intakes—two on the chin, three on the top of the head—circulate air towards a single exhaust vent at the back of the head. The helmet’s line and spoiler are meant to create a more aerodynamic surface. The helmet’s curved profile has been designed to help reduce the risks of collarbone injuries—a design also used in racing. 

The 4-mm thick visor provides a wide, 190-degree peripheral field and is equipped with a layer of Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fogging material. The visor is secured in place with a low-profile metal mechanisms which helps keep weight low, but also maximizes the mechanisms’ efficiency while reducing its size, leaving more room for the protective surface. The choice of a metal mechanism also increases the visor’s resistance to impacts. 

The new AGV K6 helmet is now up for grabs and pricing for the entry-level solid gray model starts at $480. 


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