As we say goodbye to summer, those of us who like to ride as much of the year as we can, start pulling out our cold-weather gear. You might need good rain gear the rest of the year, but digging deep into the back half of the calendar is when most of us also want to stay warm. First Gear knows this, and it continues to up its heated gear game so we all benefit. 

The ability to chain your various pieces of heated gear together isn’t new, of course. However, being able to independently dial in your ideal level of warmth where you specifically need it is very nice indeed. What if your hands get incredibly cold, but the rest of your body is tucked behind your windscreen and doesn’t get as cold as quickly? The ability to crank that heat up high for your hands while not making the rest of you feel like a baked potato is a definite plus. 

Gallery: First Gear Fall 2020 Collection

First Gear’s 2020 collection also offers both battery-powered and vehicle-powered options for its jacket liners, for both men and women. The battery-powered ones can also hook up to your vehicle, which is presumably why they cost a bit more than the vehicle-only ones. Whether you like to camp or just walk around off the bike, the battery option is a good way to spend more time outdoors. Vehicle-powered jacket liners for both men and women are $299.95, while the battery-powered ones run $375.95. 

Apart from the heated gear, the Fall 2020 First Gear rain gear selection is where we see the most new stuff to choose from. Someone at First Gear has evidently been wading in their ‘80s movie collection, as you can now purchase either the Rainman or Splash rain jackets and pants in men’s sizes. Both the Splash jacket and pants are $10 less than the corresponding Rainman ones.

For women, there are brand new Triton and Delphin rain jackets to choose from, with no matching pants. The Thermosuit is still around for anyone who prefers their rain gear in a one-piece setup. Both the men’s and women’s rain jackets each come in two different color options, while the men’s rain pants only come in black. 

Also new for Fall 2020 are the usual suspects: a selection of new full-gauntlet gloves; both heated and not; toasty warm glove liners; boots; tees, hoodies, and hats for when you’re off the bike; and a new, adventure-minded Voyage jacket and pants pairing for women.  

Source: First Gear

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