Palm chaffing is (apparently) a thing

When it comes to the art of riding, there are amateurs and there are artists. The amateurs are the leisure riders like myself who take the art a bit for granted and enjoy long sunny rides when the weather is on their side. Artists are the dedicated ones who fall, pick themselves up, who would ride in a hurricane and even get blisters from being on their bikes for too long. Yes, blisters. I didn't even know that was actually a thing. It goes to show how much of an amateur I really am. I know it's a thing for sure because a gear company offers palm protectors. If you're of the number of those who have suffered from chaffed palms, you'll be happy to know that RISK Racing has updated its palm protector glove.

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The contraption looks like a miniature cape for your hand. Picture your 6-year-old self, poking holes through a paper napkin or a plastic film for each of your fingers to create the ultimate superhero outfit—if you've never done that, you've missed out. This is what RISK Racing's palm protector looks like, except you wear it on the palm of your hand rather than on the back. You then tie it around your wrist, and voilà. Your hands are protected from prolonged hours of handlebar maneuvering.

Superhero hand capes ready to defend them against friction.

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The company has now improved its product and added more sizes to its range. The protector is now made from a thinner pressed neoprene that protects the skin and easily fits under riding gloves for optimal comfort. It's actually meant to protect the delicate skin against friction, but also against humidity and heat.

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The gear is now also available in three sizes easy to fit thanks to the stretchy nature of the fabric. For some reason, the protectors also sport rocking new designs, despite going inside a glove. From RISK's release: "The digital design boasts a vibrant, multi-color cross pattern that looks so fast it may just crank the throttle for you!" Please don't.

A pair retails for an easy-on-the-wallet $7.99 and can be purchased via your local dealer. Artists of the ride, give your hands the protection they deserve.

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