One of the questions we get most is about the best all-purpose motorcycle boots. They’re one of the few items of protection we normally don’t take off when we arrive at our destination, which means it’s especially important that they do double duty well. Here’s how we do it.

Questions To Ask Yourself

The first thing you need to do when trying to find the best all-around motorcycle boots is figure out exactly what they need to do.

  • Do they need to look nice in an office?
  • Do they need to be waterproof or vent well?
  • Does your commute involve riding off-road or through the canyons?
  • Are you on your feet all day?
  • Can you keep a set of shoes at work?

Alpinestars Tech 10

Also consider your riding style and gear preferences. If you’re going to wear the boots at the office all day, you’ll probably need to look for something that will fit under your pants (which is especially difficult if you’re the skinny pant wearing type). You’ll also want to look for something a little less bulky and with as few logos or plastic armored pieces as possible.

While we always err on the side of wearing the best protective gear for the job (and encourage you to do the same), we know a lot of you aren’t ready to wear Alpinestars Tech 10’s the office just to make sure your foot is safe should a tank run over it. Often times, the better your motorcycle boots look in public the worse they’ll do at protecting your feet, so decide ahead of time how much you’re willing to compromise.

Also, answering these questions will let you know whether you need sport boots, adventure boots, riding sneakers, or some sort of hybrid.

Dainese Axial Pro Ins

Options We Like

If safety is of ultimate importance, you’re going to need to keep a spare set of shoes at the office. Anything from ICON’s boot collection will get you through the door without attracting too much attention and will look nice sitting under your desk, but they will look like moon boots under your slacks in a meeting.

If your commute involves some sport riding, a decent stint on a freeway, or wet/cold weather, consider Dainese sport riding boots. You’ll appreciate the performance and protection while still looking relatively nice, though you’ll also need to bring another pair of shoes to change in to once you arrive at work. Axial Pro Ins will fit the best under your pants if that’s a requirement, but all of their boots have a fairly low profile.

Dainese Café boot

Work for yourself or have a job that requires you to spend all day running all over town on your bike? Consider the Dainese Café boot or Dainese Technical Sneaker. These won’t offer the same protection as dedicated boots, but are better than regular sneakers and will be all-day comfortable and won’t have you looking out of place around town.

Broke and can’t afford armored motorcycle boots, but trying to find something better than your ankle high shoes? Hit the thrift stores and look for a pair of leather work boots. We don’t recommend these as a safe option, but these are better than what we see on a lot of guy’s feet. Plus, they will offer a tiny amount of ankle support, and have a fairly sturdy heel.

Dainese Technical Sneaker

Have a little time to wait and don’t need to make a purchase until the ice thaws? Wait until February or so when the new line from REV’IT is released that our own Wes Siler, who saw it at the AIMExpo in Orlando, called absolutely stunning.

What have become your daily go-to motorcycle boots? Are you willing to sacrifice some function for form or do you keep a set of shoes at work?

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