Sidi has been helping revolutionize motorcycle footwear since 1969. Sidi Canyon Motorcycle boots are yet another example of their forward thinking and innovative capabilities. The Canyon is completely waterproof, using a Gore-Tex inner liner to keep water out while allowing your feet to breathe. A dual velcro strap system allows you to fine tune the boots fit and a mix of integrated plastic and high density padding provides impact protection.

Price: $360.00

Why We Like It: A simple aesthetic, jam packed with all the features you want in a boot. Unlike many of the boots on the market with similar features, the Canyon boots don’t look like something that belongs on the space station. While looks are not the most important issue at hand, having a pair of boots that you don’t dread wearing is a good selling point.

Less Expensive Competitor: At $249.95 the Alpinestars Scout WP boots have a similar look but come at a lower price point. They are also waterproof and have integrated protection throughout.

You Should Also Check Out: For $367.00 the Aerostitch Combat Touring boots are comparable in style and features.

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