The ICON Compound Mesh Jacket is a 50% textile, 50% leather-hybrid that’s 100% awesome. Could this be your next warm weather jacket?

The Jacket

The ICON Compound Mesh Jacket is a hybrid, with textile forming the structure and 1.2-1.4 mm cowhide leather covering the high impact areas on both the arms and shoulders. “Fighter Mesh” panels found on the chest, stomach, and back, in addition to perforated leather panels in the armpits, provide airflow.

In typical ICON fashion, additional plastic plates have been added to give an additional layer of protection. Hard rubber accents are also used throughout the jacket to add to the desired aesthetic while also giving structure.

The Compound features stretch panels throughout, as well as ratchet adjustments at the waist, to provide what ICON calls its “Sport Fit.” Crash protection comes in the form of ICON’s CE-rated field armor in the elbows and shoulders and ICON’s dual density foam back pad. It retails for $200.00.

Gear: ICON Compound Mesh Jacket

The Good

While most medium-sized jackets are too short in either torso or sleeve length, the Compound Mesh Jacket fit just about right. Their “Sport Fit” has forward articulated arms and a slightly longer back, covering your lower back when riding in a tucked position and both add to the comfort of wearing the Compound on a bike.

The mesh panels are good too. I expected this jacket to flow less air than my Dainese mesh jackets, but it turns out you really only need air coming in the chest and armpits to stay cool. The first time I got on the freeway, I was blown away by how much air the Compound passed (get it?).

The leather used on the arms and shoulders feels high quality. It’s nicer looking than the leather on my Dainese R-Twin jacket, which is saying a lot. With that leather comes a huge safety increase over most mesh jackets because, if I fall, it will most likely be onto my arm and shoulder.

The Bad

The zippers and other hardware on the jacket don’t feel as durable as we’d like, though it’s hard to expect too much more from an average priced jacket.

If you’re as skinny as I am, stick to jackets with ICON’s “attack fit,” which provides the same length in an ever more slender cut.

Gear: ICON Compound Mesh Jacket


As much as I wish the ICON Compound Mesh Jacket was missing one or two of its logo’s and looked a little mellower, it’s been the only thing I’ve worn since the day it arrived. It’s a solid blend of textile and leather that will keep you safe and cool when you ride.

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