Icon is a brand that knows how to blend functionality and style. The Icon Device Leather Jacket is a perfect example of this. An easy on the eyes style coupled with built in CE rated elbow and shoulder armor, a dual-density foam back pad, stretch panels for comfort and a removable insulated vest liner makes this a great everyday jacket.

Why We Like It: Functional and stylish. The Device Leather Jacket is made from thick Brazilian Cowhide and equipped with CE rated armor. It has a sport fit with stretch panels for comfort and easy mobility. The removable vest liner makes this jacket even more versatile, allowing you to adjust to various climates. With it’s good looks, you can enjoy all of these features while remaining stylish.

Price: $425.00 - $475.00

Icon Device Leather Jacket

Less Expensive Competitor: At $379.95, the Alpinestars TZ-1 Reload Jacket has some of the same features at the Device.

You Should Also Check Out: The Icon 1000 Chapter Leather Jacket boasts many of the same features as the Device but with a more aggressive look. This one will run you $600.00 - $650.00.

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