At the 2017 AIM Expo, Bell Helmets unveiled its 2018 lineup of street and dirt helmets, including a few new designs and some revised standards.

The street lids include the new MIPS-equipped Star and RS-2, and range from the top shelf Pro Star Flex to the entry-level Qualifier, with tasteful colorway upgrades throughout.

Bell Helmets Unveils 2018 Street and Dirt Lineup

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MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is a technology first used by Bell in its bicycle helmets before being introduced to powersports helmets last fall. MIPS, which is designed to manage energy from rotational and angular impacts, uses a slip-plane system that moves inside the helmet, mimicking the brain’s own protection system. This system allows the head to slide independent of the helmet during the most critical milliseconds of impact, thus reducing the violence to the brain and the risk of a serious brain injury.

Bell Helmets Unveils 2018 Street and Dirt Lineup

The popular RS-1 is back and accompanied by its new and improved, high-tech big brother, the premium RS-2. The updated RS-2, which is one of the most feature packed and affordable helmets in Bell's lineup, features a lightweight fiberglass DOT/ECE design and a super smooth, direct drive internal sun shield. This helmet is quiet and comfortable, and has an optimized aerodynamic design that eliminates noise caused by air turbulence. It comes with an X-Static comfort liner, exceptional ventilation, and is communication and eyewear compatible.

Bell Helmets Unveils 2018 Street and Dirt Lineup

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The 2018 street full face category is book-ended by the high-end Pro Star Flex and entry-level Qualifier. This year, Bell expanded the Qualifier line to include four offerings: Qualifer DLX MIPS Equipped, Qualifer DLX,Qualifer DLX Blackout, and Qualifier. In addition to the new helmets, the entire 2018 street full face line will also feature new graphics and colors.

2018 Street Full Face Lineup

Pro Star Flex - $1,199

Race Star Flex - $699 - $799

Star MIPS - $499

RS-2 - $299

Qualifier DLX MIPS - $269

Qualifier DLX - $249

Qualifier DLX Blackout - $149

Qualifier - $109

In the premier line of off-road helmets, Bell now offers the Moto-9 with MIPS which, combined with FLEX in every helmet, combines the two most advanced head-protection technologies in the industry.The Moto-9 rounds out a dirt line that includes the MX-9 Adventure MIPS, MX-9 MIPS, and Bell’s industry-leading Moto-9 Flex

2018 MX/Off-Road Lineup

Moto-9 Flex - $649.95 - $699.95

Moto-9 MIPS - $399.95

MX-9 Adventure MIPS - $209.95 - $219.95

MX-9 MIPS - $199.95 –$219.95

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