DMD helmets drops the new Seventy Five Waves helmet to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

The trend toward vintage and vintage-looking bikes and accessories has gotten stronger over the past few years. In an effort to get some of that sweet nostalgia cash, companies are scampering to capitalize on the new-found-love for all things two-wheeled and retro. The success of scrambler, retro-standard, and cafe racer-styled offerings from various bike manufacturers like Yamaha and Honda further demonstrates this. While there’s obviously certain vintage styles our modern world has left alone and rightfully so, I don’t think anyone is clamoring for bell-bottom riding-jeans, other stylistic elements from the 1970’s era are making a resurgence in today’s motoworld. The practice of utilizing 40-year-old styles and color schemes while updating these offerings with modern technology development is pretty common nowadays, and with the trend showing no signs of slowing down, we can expect companies to continue releasing products products that are unmistakably retro-cool.

DMD Helmets Releases Seventy Five Waves model for its 40th Anniversary

The new DMD Seventy Five Waves helmet is a prime example of retro-inspired product chock full of modern technology. Resembling a mix between a Simpson Outlaw Bandit and Biltwell Gringo, the Seventy Five Waves has a classic silhouette that suggests old-school dirt riding. It has a slightly more aggressive-looking full-face bar featuring meshed breathing-slits and three-forehead snaps for optional snap-on visor. The paint job on this brain-bucket leaves no question as to what the helmet’s designer was going for, (A Chevy van with a porthole window, shag carpeting, slot mags, and a wizard airbrushed on the side -Ed.) and is not too dissimilar from the pant digs on the new Mach 2 Scrambler from Ducati and RSD.

For DMD’s 40th anniversary, they’ve released this 70’s-era, off-road inspired helmet with a paint job from the days when Barry Sheene ruled. When boutique-brands like this exist for four-decades, it’s not from sheer-luck, and the quality and construction of DMD’s products clearly demonstrate this. The Seventy Five Waves helmet is a great example of DMD's dedication to safety and quality. It features a sturdy chin strap with a twin D loop, a removable washable liner, and snaps for attaching visors or face shields. It comes in sizes XS through XXL, and meets all ECE 22.05 and DOT standards making it legal in both the US and Europe.

DMD Helmets Releases Seventy Five Waves model for its 40th Anniversary

DMD’s new Seventy Five Waves helmet offers riders a stylish, retro-themed lid that boasts protection that meets today’s high safety-standards via superior materials and construction techniques. This 70’s inspired helmet can be purchased through Urban Rider for £339 ($430) with snap-on visor (clear or smoke) for an additional £39 ($50) or DMD Ghost googles for £79 ($100). For more info on DMD helmets you can check out their site HERE.



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