This leather jacket is the next step toward staying cool when the heat is on the rise

Summer heat has settled in, and for those who had to deal with winter a little longer than they had hoped for the time has now come to complain about how darn hot it now is. Experienced riders know just how uncool (literally) riding can become when not even the breeze is a relief from the heat. We just sit there, slow-cooking in our jacket and gear, wondering what the cost of living in Alaska is like and how long it will take to get there. Leather jackets in particular can become heat traps, but Spidi has thankfully punched a hole into this issue.

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Italian gear maker Spidi has introduced the Evorider Perforated jacket, the better compromise between good-looking leathers, proper protection, and breathability.

“Evorider Perforated has been designed just for this: granting the best ventilation and cooling effect while maintaining SPIDI’s famous safety standards,” the company said in a recent statement.

Look cool and stay cool - the perforated leather keeps you and your jacket breathing

The design is available in three color schemes, all of which are mainly black and white with the option of yellow or red accents. Almost every flat panel of leather is covered in micro-perforations for improved air circulation, a technology inspired from performance gear and developed by Spidi’s racing department. The underarms and sides also integrate Flex Tenax elastic panels for more flexibility.

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Forcetech shoulder and elbow protectors are embedded into the leather for optimal protection. The rider also has the possibility of adding a Warrior Back protector pad for added safety. The jacket features a waterproof H2Out membrane, as well as a moisture-reducing interior lining to keep wearers as dry as possible. integrated clips also allow riders to keep the riding pants in place and avoid the full moon effect.

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Spidi’s Evorider Perforated jacket is available on the manufacturer’s website or at retailers for $559.00. It won’t save you from roasting in the sun while stuck on your bike in rush hour traffic, but it will definitely help make the cooling off process a lot easier.

Source: Spidimagazine

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