Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Ladies Rain Gear Review

For some of us, rain is either a year-round thing or it's seasonal. April is typically known for being rainy, so if you commute on two-wheels it's good to have some rain gear on hand.

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Over here in California, the winter brought on El Niño storms so I had to purchase something to keep me dry during that time. However, I didn't want to purchase an overly expensive ensemble when the goal was simply to stay dry.

I've been rocking REV'IT gear, both jacket and pants, for three years now and I have no complaints. It fits close to perfect and it's well constructed; therefore, I feel confident wearing both pieces as my first line of defense in case my bike and I part ways.

That's why I looked to REV'IT! when it came to keeping me dry on my ride. Since I couldn't decide on a rain jacket that had armor built in, I decided to go with an overcoat to go over my jacket. As for gloves, not only did I want something to keep my hands dry, but I was also looking for something to keep them warm.

REV'IT! Ladies Topaz H20 Rain Jacket

I decided on an overcoat that goes over my jacket. I was drawn to the Topaz H2O jacket, specifically the olive color because it looks chic. It was made to look fashionable on purpose, with REV'IT! stating that this jacket is multifunctional as you can wear it on and off your moto.

Unfortunately, there are only two colors to choose from: black and olive. Since you want to be as visible as possible out riding in the rain, I feel like you're forced to choose olive whether you like the color or not.

Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review


I wear a size 38 in their jacket, and according to their size chart that translates to a US 8 or an XS. I don't wear an XS in anything and haven't since I was a 12 years-old, so I wasn't going there. I decided to order the small since I measured closest to that size in the chest (I'm 35 inches) and waist  (30-31 inches, depending on the day). I was still hesitant because the Topaz needed to go over my armored jacket, thus making me bulkier than these measurements. But El Niño wasn't going to wait for me to decide so I just rolled with it.

I was relieved that when I tried it on—it fit perfectly with my armored jacket. However, it was tight around my neck, so I couldn't close the jacket there. But I was still dry with that part open, so it's not critical that the collar buttons snap shut. If you purchase this and have the same problems, just zip it up as tight as you comfortably can and you're good to go.

Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review


As you can see, it's a long jacket, which is great because it keeps the tops of your legs dry, too (my pants have a liner in them that also helps keep moisture at bay.) The Topaz is well constructed with spring loaded snaps, nice-sized pockets inside and out, and a slit in the back and a two-way adjustable zipper in the front so you can sit comfortably on the bike. It feels light, but also provides a bit of warmth, which is a bonus because by looking at it you wouldn't expect that.

The slit in the back helps you sit on the bike comfortably.

In regards to protection, it does protect you from getting wet so it definitely serves its purpose. As previously mentioned, the colors available aren't vibrant, but it does have 3m reflective Scotchlite on the sleeves and the back for visibility. For when you're off the bike, there's a hidden hood and a belt that's only there strictly for looks.

If you decide to just use it on the moto, once you're done with your ride, you can store the jacket in a handy little bag (pictured below) that comes along with it.

Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review

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It's priced at $119.99, which can be a bit expensive for a piece of gear that doesn't have any armor and is essentially just a raincoat. Technically, there's nothing stopping you from simply buying a brightly colored raincoat at department store that would do the same thing, at a much cheaper price. However, I most likely would have never done that because I do like those minor features that help me feel more comfortable on the bike (i.e, the adjustable zippers and drawstring).


Overall, I like the jacket, but am not in love with it. I like that it's simple: it keeps me dry and I can also wear it off the bike. However, the price is a tad high for what it is: an armor-less raincoat.

You can pick up a Topaz of your own here.


Protection (Outershell):

  • PVC-free dull polyester pongee with PU coating
  • PVC-free polyester Oxford with PU coating
  • 100% waterproof
  • Visibility - reflective prints
  • Composition - 100% Polyester


  • Fit - city fit, regular
  • Adjustability - adjustment tab, adjustment strap, adjustment drawcord, two-way zipper at front
  • Features - PVC-free, EN343 certified, hood with easy inside-collar storage
  • Pockets - napoleon pocket, inner pocket, stash pockets

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Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review
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REV'IT! Ladies Galaxy H2O Gloves

I wanted a pair of gloves that keeps my hands dry, but more than that I wanted something that kept them warm. I liked the features and price point that the REV'IT! Ladies Galaxy H2O gloves provided. I always try to find gloves that are women-specific because I've found that men's gloves are just too big on me.

I'm all about that female fit when it comes to gloves!


When I measure my hand circumference, I'm just a hair under 7.5 inches, which translates to a women's medium according to REV'IT!'s size chart. When I got the gloves and tried them on, I found that the palm fit well— it wasn't too snug nor was it too loose. Unfortunately, the fingers are just a touch too long and bulky. I guess the good part in this is that my hand didn't feel restricted with it being too tight (as it might have been if I got the small).

The bulk really did bother me at first. This is because I'm so used to wearing gloves that, well, fit like a glove. My summer riding gloves and racing gloves don't have the extra fabric as these do (obviously). After a while, I got used to them and didn't think about how much more fabric was between my hand and the hand controls on the bike. Despite the excess fabric, they are still comfortable (see "Features" section below), and there are two straps on the wrist and cuff to ensure a tight fit.

Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review


These gloves do live up to being 100% waterproof, so like the REV'IT! rain jacket, it serves its purpose. I really like that the tri-fleece and high loft poly fur liner, which makes the gloves really comfortable to wear. The exterior is really plush, meaning that there are no hard parts anywhere: Its main material is a polyester and polyurethane blend. The armor is composed of Seesoft knuckle covered with Temperfoam. It also has Temperfoam on the fingers and palm.

The Galaxy gloves come with a connect finger tip, which helps you use your smart phone without taking off the gloves). But because the fingers are too long on me, this feature didn't work. I can see how it'd be a nice feature if the finger tips did fit better; however, I was able to utilize the visor wiper found on the side of the pointer that's a plus, right?

As for keeping my hands warm, it was okay. The Galaxy gloves are lined with Thinsulate to protect hands from cold temperatures. And for the most part, when I rode in dreary weather, it didn't get too cold so my hands were fine. However, there were days I wore these when it was relatively cold (below 50 degrees and no rain, thankfully) and they barely kept my hands warm. So if you live in an area where it's constantly 50 degrees or lower, you may want to consider actively heated gloves.

Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review


These gloves are priced well at $99.99. I think REV'IT is able to keep the cost reasonable thanks to the gloves' synthetic leather construction, which the company says provides "better breathability than natural leather," while offering "enhanced wearer comfort."


If these gloves were more than $99.99, I wouldn't buy them. But if you're on a budget and need a set of winter/waterproof gloves, the Galaxy gloves are reasonably priced for the features you get. You can pick up a pair here.

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  • Outer shell: goatskin drum dyed with WR finish, PWR|shell twill stretch, polyester rib, connect finger tip fabric, synthetic PU leather, flock PU
  • Insulation: Thinsulate G, tri-fleece liner, high loft poly fur liner
  • Waterproofing: hydratex | Z-liner (5000mm H2O)
  • Composition:

    • outer shell: 61% polyester, 19% goat leather, 18% polyurethane, 2% elastane
    • lining: 100% polyester
    • membrane: 100% polyurethane

    • Seesoft knuckle covered with Temperfoam
    • Temperfoam at finger knuckles and little finger knuckle
    • Temperfoam at palm
    • PWR|shield knit at palm

  • Visibility: reflective logo, laminated reflection at back hand


  • Fit: tour fit
  • Adjustability: adjustment strap at wrist, adjustment tab at cuff
  • Features: elastic at wrist and back hand, connect finger tip at index finger and thumb, visor wiper, regular cuff




Prepare for Spring Showers – REV'IT! Rain Gear Review
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