If you were to design the perfect tank bag, what would it be? Perhaps it would be waterproof, small enough to fit your stuff but also large enough for it, easy to access, easy to mount, and stylish.

What if I told you that someone designed that bag already? Giant Loop is probably better known for their pannier and tail mounted bags like the Great Basin bag. Lately though, they have been churning out some new and different designs and the Fandango Pro tank bag is one of them.

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The front of the bag uses a loop of mil-spec webbing that goes around the frame or under the steering head assembly. Only needing to fish one piece of webbing through the bike makes this simpler than some other bags. On the Tenere, I was able to run it through an opening in the frame that keeps the strap away from all moving parts and makes it very secure.

Pannier packs shown are an option to expand capacity.

The rear of the bag uses one strap per side that can wrap around the frame, the seat mounts, and have enough length in them to wrap around most bikes without an issue. In the center is the zippered, soft underpad that the tank bag mounts to. (Notice the cutout for the fuel filler.) The bag has a zipper on either side so you can unzip one side or the other and fill fuel from either side of the bike.

You can see the double zippers.

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The exterior is made with a 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester that is reinforced with foam to give it shape. YKK zippers are used throughout and the interior is made with Vertex hook-and-loop accepting fabric. This is the same kind of material that's found in most camera bags, except dividers. There's a clear vinyl map pocket on top and a rubberized opening for an electronics port. Probably one of the neatest features is a document storage pocket. There's a divider included that works great for keeping my tire gauge and repair kit secured and separate from anything else I need to carry.

Finding the Perfect Versatile Waterproof Tank Bag

Is it Weatherproof?

If you remember to close the zippers, then yes it's very weatherproof. If you forget (like I did) then your stuff will get wet. It may also almost bounce out over rough terrain, causing you to simultaneously attempt to stop, hold the bag closed, and navigate a washboard road without taking the dirt. Suffice it to say I checked the zippers after that. Giant Loop now also includes a Dry Pod insert, seam-sealed liner bag that features a hefty YKK water-resistant zipper, and a heavy duty side release buckle closure for even more protection. (If you already own the bag you can get the Dry Pod at a discounted price!)

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Daily Use?

I don't think I would know what to do without it. It's easy to use—loading your lunch or other items is 1+1 simple. The size is about perfect at eight liters and you can fit extra liners, or carry food or a camera, in it all while leaving plenty of room for a tire gauge and repair kit. The simple zipper system is secure but easy to use, and you can take the bag with you for security if need be. There is a convenient carry handle right on the bag that so many other brands forget to add to their design.


Price is $230 and it includes a free inner dry pod. It's available in five colors: black, white, yellow, orange, and gray. I have a white one as you can see in the pictures and it stands out nicely against the bike. Is it the cheapest on the market? Definitely not, but you won't find many that offer this many features in one tank bag.

Finding the Perfect Versatile Waterproof Tank Bag
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