Gear Review - Stylmartin Rocket Boots

Nancy Sinatra sang "These boots are made for walkin' And that's just what they'll do." The Stylmartin Rocket boot is made for riding and that's just what they'll do... They can also be worn at work, walked in all day, and they look good in any setting. I guess they were made for a lot more than walking.

Style and Fit

The Rocket Boot is constructed from a full grain leather that Stylmartin calls Writer. The best guess I have is that because the boot is designed to weather and soften it reminds people of a well worn leather bound book. They have a very Sherlock Holmes type look and the style is obviously vintage. How's the fit? I wear a size 13 boot in most cases and these are a true to size. The Rockets are verery comfortable and the leather is already supple and pliable right out of the box. They feel like a worn in pair of boots from the very first ride. Fitment can be tweaked with the laces and the upper strap/buckle and there is a side zipper to make it easy to get them on and off.

Stylmartin Rocket Boots – Gear Review


Leather boots can be tricky things when it comes to packing all the features you need, all while keeping them light and not too bulky. In a race boot it's easy, they are purpose driven by function over form. When it comes to a comfortable casual boot that marries multiple needs into one design, it's a lot harder. The Rocket packs PU protection on both sides of the ankle, a waterproof breathable liner, additional toe protection and a shift area reinforcement to prevent premature wear on the toe. All of that in a boot that weighs less than my daily wear hikers. The only area I had an issue is the ankle protection. When combined with the zipper on the inside of your leg it is bulky and looks a little funky. Fortunately, no one but the rider will ever notice because Stylmartin put it on the inside of the ankle and you are generally wearing long pants.


For $315 you get a full leather construction, waterproof riding boot with plenty of protection for daily riding, combined with a casual comfortable style. At the time of this writing they've proven to offer excellent durability after four months of riding in all types of weather. Despite my best effort, they are holding up like a champ. There is some slight discoloration, softening of the leather, and standard wear marks, but nothing you wouldn't expect after wearing them as often as I do. Plus, I still get compliments about the boots at my office on a regular basis and most people don't realize it's actually a riding boot. The Stylmartin Rocket boots are comfortable and they do look great, what more do you want?


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