For the past eight decades the Ace Café has been a staple of the café racer and rock and roll tradition in the UK and now it is offering a full line of riding apparel through its latest venue, the Ace Café Orlando. The Hammersmith leather jacket is named after the historic neighborhood off A4 motorway in London where "doing the ton" became a hallmark of the cafe racer movement. The Hammersmith is the first offering from the Ace Cafe Leather Collection.

"The Ace Cafe has become a global cultural phenomenon over the course of its 79-year history," explains Mark McKee, chief gear head of Ace Cafe North America. “Leather is a key part of the motorcycle story — especially the cafe racer story — so we are bringing six new leather jacket styles to market here in North America in conjunction with the opening of our first U.S. location."

Ace Cafe Releases the Hammersmith Jacket

The Hammersmith Jacket is designed as riding gear first and fashion second. As a result the arms are rotated 15-degrees forward to make it comfortable in any riidng position and there are provisions to allow armor inserts in the elbows and shoulders. The Union Jack lining is zippered to the outer shell so you can access the outer shell and personalize it through the use of patches and pins and other memorabilia.

"The art of the motorcycle jacket has been carried to a new level by the Ace Cafe Leather Collection," adds Eric Anderson, Ace Cafe’s VP of Merchandise. "After 30 years in the industry, leather is still my thing. Ace Cafe’s iconic, stylish and distinctive emblem is instantly recognizable and has come to represent an authentic, simple, hardworking, and straightforward speed-inspired culture."


• Top grain drum-dyed abrasion-resistant cowhide

• Multi-ply UV-resistant nylon thread

• Armor-friendly pockets at the elbows and back

• Sleeves rotated 15 degrees forward at the shoulders for proper riding position

• Dropped back for full coverage in all riding positions

• 3-year warranty

MSRP $649.95 Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL

Ace Cafe Releases the Hammersmith Jacket
Ace Cafe Releases the Hammersmith Jacket
Ace Cafe Releases the Hammersmith Jacket
Ace Cafe Releases the Hammersmith Jacket

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