In today’s ultra-connected world, our smartphones play a role in the vast majority of our day-to-day activities. Now, thanks to Yamaha, we can add riding to that list. The tuning fork company just launched its new “MyRide” app, allowing riders to record a handful of different data points while riding which can be reviewed after a long day in the saddle.

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MyRide isn’t just for Yamaha owners fortunately, and anyone with a smartphone can download the app free of charge. The app uses GPS sensors and accelerometers found in smartphones to record things like speed, acceleration, lean-angle, elevation, and braking power. It also enables riders to record any route they take, so if you’re ever out for a Sunday ride and happen to discover a particularly awesome set of twisties you can log the ride in the app where it can be shared with friends. There’s also a handful of other, less useful features such as allowing users to tag pictures along any given route, or to keep a list of bikes owned (or tested).

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A couple screen shots from Yamaha's MyRide App

One cool part is that you can view routes other riders have saved. Traveling to a new area and want to know what some of the best local roads are? The answer is now just a few swipes away. Rides can also be filtered by country, length, rating, etc. Unsurprisingly the app is also happy to tell you where the nearest Yamaha dealership is.

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You can click here to download Yamaha’s MyRide app on the Apple App Store, or click here to download the app from Google Play. It's totally free free, so why not? For more info on the app you can click here to checkout the MyRide page on Yamaha’s website, or you can check out this promo video below that Yamaha threw together.

Photos and video courtesy of Yamaha

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