Bell Helmets' new ProTint visors use photochromatic technology to automatically adjust to changing light conditions. Now you don't need to carry sunglasses.

Activated by UV light, Bell's new photochromatic visor arms riders with optimal visual clarity regardless of rapidly changing light conditions

We think it's safe to say that Bell makes some of the best lids on the market. With a long history of innovation and miles of style, Bell is at the forefront of noggin-protection technologies. Now, with the introduction of the company's new ProTint technology, Bell has found a way to lighten your load by making your sunglasses obsolete. How's that? Let's let Bell tell us all about it in its own words.

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Bell Helmets, one of the industry’s most iconic brands and a leader in innovative head protection, today announced ProTint, the company’s first proprietary photochromatic shield.

After years of research and development efforts by Bell’s engineering team, ProTint’s photochromatic technology self-adjusts to random changes in lighting conditions, arming riders with optimal clarity, day or night and regardless of varying environments. With ProTint, Bell becomes the first helmet manufacturer to develop its own proprietary photochromatic shield technology, underscoring its commitment to developing industry-leading protective technologies.

Bell's new ProTint Visor adjusts to changing light conditions.

Bell's new ProTint Visor adjusts to changing light conditions.

“ProTint is the first self-adjusting shield technology developed by riders, for riders, and the ideal complement to our more-expansive Panovision viewport,” said Chris Sackett, vice president of Bell Helmets. “Virtually every rider has experienced the challenges, and potential hazards, associated with rapidly changing light conditions, and ProTint addresses this, allowing riders the peace of mind to stay completely focused throughout the ride.”

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ProTint’s adaptive shield technology offers exceptional clarity in low-light conditions, but quickly darkens when exposed to bright light. This reaction allows the rider’s eyes to comfortably adjust to randomly changing conditions throughout the day. In addition, ProTint offers unrivaled detail with lenses designed to provide enhanced contrast, allowing riders to discern shapes and colors faster, while also reducing eye strain through varying light conditions.

ProTint is compatible with Bell helmets that feature the Panovision viewport, including the all-new SRT Modular, as well as the entire Star lineup, which includes Star MIPS, Race Star FLEX and the industry-leading Pro Star FLEX.

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The new ProTint shields are available now at select retailers and online for $149. For more information on ProTint shields, visit Riders can also join the conversation and follow the latest from Bell Powersports on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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