Versatile helmet offers premium visibility features, including Panovision Class 1 Optics, ProTint Compatibility, and drop-down sun shield

Bell Helmets offers a ton of great lids for the discerning rider. From fancy-pants, full-face racing helmets to budget lids for the commoners (say, for instance, me - JM), Bell has what a rider needs to keep their brains in place. Now, with the introduction of the new SRT modular helmet, riders have even more safety options. So, what's the deal with the SRT? Let's let Bell tell us all about it.

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Bell Helmets, one of the industry’s most iconic brands and a leader in innovative head protection, today announced the all-new SRT Modular helmet, an incredibly versatile street helmet, designed to serve a wide range of riders and needs, whether it be daily commuting, weekend jaunts or long-range touring.

The Bell SRT offers a variety of key visibility features, no less of which is Panovision Class 1 Optics – Bell’s proprietary viewport design for maximum visibility and compatible with the up to 17 shield options, including Bell’s all-new ProTint. The ProTint shield, Bell Helmet’s first proprietary photochromatic shield, utilizes photochromatic technology to self-adjust to random changes in lighting conditions, arming riders with optimal clarity, day or night and regardless of varying environments. Along with the wider viewport and multiple shield compatibility, the SRT Modular goes a step further by housing an integrated drop-down sun shield, usable in both full face and ‘flip up’ modes, and is eyewear compatible.

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“We’re always designing with the intention of arming our helmets with specific features and differentiators that set them apart in their respective categories and effectively serve specific rider needs, and with the SRT, the focus was visibility,” said Chris Sackett, Vice President of Bell Helmets. “Panovision Class 1 Optics and ProTint, combined with the SRT’s drop-down sun shield, eyewear compatibility and lightweight design, make it an ideal blend of style, technology and versatility that riders are seeking with modular helmets.”

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The SRT Modular is constructed from a lightweight fiberglass material that complements its sleek styling, creating a helmet that not only stands out from the average modular models stylistically, but also offers added comfort. In addition, the SRT Modular features recessed EPS for speaker pockets, allowing riders to utilize a variety of communication devices.

The helmet, which comes in a variety of colorway options, is available now is available now in select retailers and online at

MSRP: $349.95

Certification: DOT/ECE

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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