It's that time of year—we're about to see what updates OEMs are putting on their machines for 2025. BMW Motorrad just released what updates will be incorporated into the BMW Motorrad program for 2025, and all these models can be ordered with the new configurations from all BMW Motorrad partners from August 2024 onwards.

So, if you were thinking about buying these models any time soon, I'd hold out until August. Here are all the upgrades you can look forward to.

BMW K 1600 GT

The 2025 K 1600 GT Sport will get a new Racing Blue Metallic color scheme option along with Blue Ridge Mountain metallic with a brown seat. The main stand will become a single factory option.

BMW K 1600 GTL

On the 2025 K 1600 GTL, the main stand will become part of the Comfort Package, and buyers will also have the option to get this model in the new Blue Ridge Mountain metallic color scheme with a brown seat.

BMW K 1600 B/Grand America

For 2025, BMW has discontinued the Manhattan metallic matte option for the K 1600 B/Grand America but introduced a Mineral gray metallic matte color scheme.

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BMW F 800 GS

The Touring Package on the 2025 F 800 GS will soon include heated grips, hand protection, and the Headlight Pro.


Executive Editor Jonathon Klein couldn't stop hooning around on the CE 02 when he got his hands on it, so it's nice to see it'll get an update for the 2025 model in the form of removable drive batteries, which you can take out for charging. However, the Highline Package will no longer include Teleservices or Last State Services.

BMW R 12 nineT

The USB-C port on the 2025 R 12 nineT will become part of the factory option Connected Ride Control. For the aftermarket option 719 "Aluminum", the Headlight (Pro) silver will be replaced by the Headlight (Pro) black.

BMW R 12

On all variants of the 2025 R 12, the Headlight (Pro) silver will be replaced by the Headlight (Pro) black. This model will also see the USB-C port become part of the factory option Connected Ride Control.

BMW G 310 RR

For 2025, you'll be able to get the G 310 RR with a new Racing Blue metallic color scheme.

And that's it! What do you think about these changes. Are you going to hold out or just get a good deal before these changes occur? Let us know in the comments what model you're most looking forward to in 2025.

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