There's been much discussion about the state of the war between Ukraine and Russia since its outset a few years back. And during the course of that conflict, hosts of Russian companies have since been blacklisted here in the United States thanks to sanctions. 

And yet, those same sanctions haven't always followed those supplying the Russian Federation's military. Case in point, Aodes, a Chinese manufacturer of UTVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles that, as recently as last year, sold Russia a number of UTVs to its military. And somehow, the same Aodes, is still operating in the United States, despite, you know, being a Russian military contractor...

I recently came across a picture in both Reddit's r/ShittyTechnical's subReddit, as well as articles about the Russian deal with Aodes from numerous sources. As of last November, Aodes sold the Russian military around 2,000 Aodes Desertcross 1000 UTVs. A deal that saw Russian President Vladimir Putin oversee the hand-off personally of the first few, according to  


"The Desertcross 1000-3 all-terrain vehicles, produced by Chinese manufacturers [Aodes], have captured the attention of the Russian Ministry of Defense. These vehicles were prominently showcased to the Southern Military District. Russian President Vladimir Putin personally saw them while on a visit. The President was visiting the headquarters situated in Rostov-on-Don," states the site. 

And if there was any confusion as to what the Aodes-built UTV was designed for, or what the Russian military would use it for, "The Russian military is preparing to utilize the Chinese Desertcross 1000-3 all-terrain vehicle in various capacities. Its functions will include reconnaissance, patrol operations, and raids. Additionally, it will play a significant role in search and rescue operations, particularly with the evacuation of injured or sick personnel in challenging terrain."

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So where does the good ole US of A come in? Well, you can hop on down to your local retailer and buy the exact same model as the Russian military

According to Aodes' site, there are 127 dealers through the United States that carry the brand's products, including the Desertcross 1000-3 UTV. There are a few options, including having it in either black or desert tan, and it comes with selectable 4WD, a winch, fully independent suspension, a host of accessory switches, and a 976cc V-Twin that pumps out 71 horsepower. 

All of which can be yours for the price of $18,999. 

Now I have nothing against Chinese manufacturers or companies. I think that Great Wall Souo eight-cylinder motorcycle is pretty dope. And I think the US government banning TikTok and going after DJI is pretty stupid.

But Aodes is actively, and publically, supporting the Russian military who tried to annex an entire country. So them being sold here feels like a not great idea. And the Ukrainians have included Aodes on their own blacklist, too

I don't really have anything more than that to say. What about you?

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