To paraphrase the famous, and inaccurate, Mark Twain quote, the reports of the death of the Suzuki GSX-R1000 may be greatly exaggerated. At least here in the United States. 

Around the world, the top-spec Gixxer is dying. In recent months, Suzuki's GSX-R1000 has been discontinued in the UK, Europe, and most recently in Suzuki's home country of Japan, as per VisorDown. And the move comes after Suzuki left MotoGP in 2022, and moving toward a more "sustainable society," which apparently doesn't include liter bikes. 

But there's still hope for the GSX-R1000 and that's the United States. 

Upon hearing that Suzuki would be killing the motorcycle in Japan, RideApart reached out to Suzuki and asked a pretty straightforward, "So does this mean it's dead everywhere? Including the US?"

Here's what Suzuki told us. 

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"You probably saw that we just released our first wave of 2025 models which included the GSX-R1000 models," said the spokesperson, who added, "We are still bringing in two versions here in the USA. The GSX-R1000 and the GSX-R1000R. The “R” version is a little higher spec’d with more advanced suspension, adjustable swingarm pivot, launch control, etc."

They also told RideApart, "The GSX-R line is still very important to Suzuki Motor USA and we intend continue to offer it as long as it’s still in demand." So it looks like the GSX-R1000's last bastion is right here in the good ole US of A. But will it continue to be? Does Suzuki Motor USA have the power to keep a motorcycle alive?

"I am sure your [next] question is will we see an evolution of it?," offered the spokesperson, adding, "Unfortunately, I can’t answer that concretely." What we have then is a stay of execution ... for the time being. The GSX-R1000 will continue to be offered here in the States, and nowhere else, but that might change depending on sales of the bike, as well as changes from corporate.

So maybe go pick up a GSX-R1000 while you can? It could be the last of a dying breed. 

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