Travis Pastrana's home in Maryland is every action sports lover's dream. 

It's like a Stefon skit, as it has everything from foam pits, to gnarly jumps, an on-site garage, space to build whatever your heart desires, off-road trails for side-by-sides, a pit-bike pool bowl, and more. And through the years, Pastranaland has only gotten bigger, badder, and better. 

But few people outside of Travis' crew, and the action sports elite, have ever been able to hang out and shred Pastranaland's courses. We've only ever been able to experience the compound from afar, something this writer has longed to change for quite some time (Call me, Travis.)

That is until now. 


Announced on Channel 199 and Travis' Instagram, the crew wants to bring you, yes you, to Pastranaland to hang out, smash the compound, and hopefully not send you to the hospital with too bad of injuries. 

The video starts by asking Travis, "What is the most common question he gets asked," to which the action sports legend replies, "Hands down, 'How do I come to Pastranaland?!'"

The rest of the crew then answers that question by telling fans that if they want to make that dream a reality, they now can by doing a few simple tasks. First, you'll need to subscribe to Channel 199's YouTube channel, then comment on any full-length episode posted in the month of June, and the comment with the most likes will win a trip to the compound. 

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The winner will then be picked on the 4th of July. 'Murica!

And that's it! That's all you have to do to get to Pastranaland and hang with Travis and his crew. I'm guessing you'll also have to sign MANY waivers once you get there, but honestly, it'd be worth it. 

I've personally been dreaming of going to Pastranaland ever since Nitro Circus dropped on MTV all those years ago. And though I've talked with Travis in the past, as well as been personally called out to do something sketchy by him, I'd still love to go to Pastranaland and up my action sports cred with him. 

So who's going to enter and would you be afraid of anything? Sound off in the comments below. 

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