There's been a lot of talk about BMW entering MotoGP in the last few years. Rumors swirl, comments are misheard, and there's always hubbub around the paddock as loose lips are everywhere.

But little has ever materialized from any of it apart from the occasional sound bite from those most definitely not in the know. Likewise, the company is still dedicated to the World Superbike Championship. It's very much comfortable in its racing place. At least, that's what you'd think. 

A few things have changed, however. MotoGP's been bought by Liberty Media, the owners of Formula 1, there's a rule change coming up, and BMW has a new CEO in Markus Flasch. The latter of which made some interesting comments about the brand's potential MotoGP ambitions at the launch of the R 20 Concept at Ville d'Este

"First of all we are the leading premium motorcycle manufacturer in the world," says Flasch, adding, "We consider ourselves number one and there is a champion's league of racing and the champion's league is MotoGP."

"Secondly, World Superbike, if you only look at the sport, it's very attractive," Flasch states, but tempers it by adding, "But it's only a European championship with one race in Australia." And he's not wrong. While the racing is excellent, few outside the industry and die-hards know about WSBK.

They do know about MotoGP, though. 

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"If we want to continue to be successful around the globe, then I would like to do racing around the globe," Flasch states. That sure as hell seems to indicate that BMW is actively looking at a MotoGP entry.

And Flasch adds further fuel to the fire. 

"And the third, I think with the presence that MotoGP will receive even more in the future with Liberty Media taking over, and we see what happened to Formula 1 when they took over, I see the significance of MotoGP to be rising," he says. 

"We seriously consider it and we have to consider going there. But what we have not done yet is making any decision," Flasch adds, further stating, "We're just starting right now. Investigating how we could do it. If we arrive at the point where it is feasible then we'll make a decision."

And as to what would hinder such involvement, Flasch states, "Cost. It's an investment into the brand. And, as you know, with marketing, it's always hard to tell if the first or the second $50 million that you spent was the right $50 million. It's not exactly something you can do your due diligence on."

Obviously, Flasch doesn't want to or can't reveal his full hand right now, but based on the moves he's made since becoming CEO, the comments above, and the changes coming to MotoGP, it sure as hell sounds like BMW might be back in MotoGP for the 2027 season. That'd be pretty exciting, even if the brand couldn't use that dope active aero setup it patented a few months ago. 

What do you all think? Would you like to see BMW in MotoGP

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