One of the biggest concerns about having an accident on a motorcycle, or while riding any other powersport machine, is communication. If you go down, you might not be able to grab your phone and call for help. 

Ask me how I know...

It's why I ride with my Garmin, but even that requires me to be conscious enough and able to use my arms and fingers, which may or may not work after an accident. And that's why we've seen a few companies release new accident sensing tech that communicates for you. Chief among them, Apple's new iPhone

But the iPhone has a few issues, including it too is prone to breaking in your pocket. Cardo, however, believes it has a solution with the company's new PackTalk Pro. 

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"The PACKTALK PRO introduces an all-new Crash Detection System which utilizes a three-part system," states Cardo's press release, adding, "The unit sensors feel what your head feels, saving valuable response time when it’s needed most. The Cardo Connect App that adds phone parameters and communicates to the Cardo cloud, which in turn informs your emergency contact, creating a unique and dependable crash detection system made specifically for on-road motorcycle riders.

The PackTalk Pro has an internal sensor that can detect a crash, though distinguish between a wreck and you just dropping your helmet, and using the company's "Crash Detection System" better learn to detect accidents based on a "perpetual learning algorithm." 

Essentially, it means that even if you go down, you'll always be in contact with someone who can send help. This would've been great for my big wreck about ten years ago when I got knocked out in the LA canyons. 

Cardo Packtalk Pro

Obviously, it also still has all the fun features of your normal PackTalk Cardo unit, like access to calls, texts and music, to which I'd add are great and clear. I'm currently playing around with the PackTalks, but with Cardo's Edgephones for my daughter and I, as well as our family's Can-Am, and the call quality is eerily good. But more on that later. 

According to Cardo's CEO Alon Lumbroso, “The PACKTALK Pro is the most advanced communication device we’ve developed in our history. The introduction of crash detection and emergency alerts arms riders with a heightened level of security, taking what is already the most advanced and feature-rich system on the market and elevating it to a new level.”

He added, "For two decades we’ve committed ourselves to enhancing the riding experience and moving the industry forward with innovations that truly matter to riders. We intend to maintain that leadership position for many years to come

The PackTalk Pros are now on sale for a pretty reasonable $459. Not terrible for the safety they offer. 

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