People buy electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) for any number of reasons.

They can be a lot of fun is a big one. Maybe you want the comfort of electric pedal assistance, but you still want to feel like you're getting a bit of exercise. Or maybe you're a bicycle commuter, and you don't want to show up to work all sweaty. All totally reasonable, right?

Here in 2024, if you have even a little bit of spare cash, you're pretty spoiled for options as far as electric-assist bicycle options go. There are cheap ones, and expensive ones, and used ones all over the place. Just check eBay, or Facebook Marketplace, or your local big-box super-center or sporting goods store for plenty of examples.

But let's say you want to get extra fancy, and that you're also a major Audi RS Q e-tron fan. If I've just described you, then you'll definitely want to know that Audi has a new limited edition eMTB that's made just for you. 

Gallery: Audi eMTB by Fantic

Audi hooked up with Italian motorcycle and e-bike maker Fantic to build the Audi eMTB. The company says that it's based on the existing Fantic XEF 1.9 Factory, and the spec sheets seem to bear that out. 

The Audi eMTB version gets paint and graphics that are directly inspired by the Audi RS Q e-tron, but that's not the only change from the regular XEF 1.9 Factory. 

While the Fantic XEF 1.9 Factory's suspension isn't anything to sneeze at, it's comprised of a RockShox Zeb Ultimate 190mm front fork and an Öhlins TTX 22M rear shock. Meanwhile, the Audi eMTB keeps the same Öhlins rear shock, but swaps out the front fork for an Öhlins RXF38 unit instead of the RockShox. 

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Other componentry appears to be much the same between the two Fantic XEF 1.9 Factory variants, including an SRAM GX derailleur and bar-mounted shifter, with Sunstar F.I.R.S.T brake calipers and S3 Batfly rotors. 

We can't comment on either bike's riding qualities at this point in time, but on paper they both look pretty good.

Pricing for the Fantic-branded XEF 1.9 Factory varies depending on where you're buying it, and whether you're buying new or used. A quick search turns up used bikes for around $5K and new ones running up to about $8,300. As with all vehicular and mobility-related purposes, your mileage may vary.

The Audi eMTB will be available through Audi Genuine Accessories in the US, with deliveries expected to begin in summer of 2024. The MSRP for the Audi eMTB powered by Fantic is $9,795.

Hey, Audi, want to hook us up and let us play with one?

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