OK, folks, deep breaths, because this is not a hopeless late April Fools prank. Nor is it some elaborate new episode of MTV's Punk'd. You and I aren't celebrities to begin with, so why would you even think that?

No, this motorcycle is real. This motorcycle is coming. And I legitimately couldn't be more excited. People, KTM is building street-legal superbikes again and we have your first teaser images and info on the bike right here, right now, and it looks absolutely mental. 

Let's goooooo!


The motorcycle in question is the upcoming 2025 KTM 990 RC R and, according to the brand, is designed to fulfill all your MotoGP fantasies and dreams. "It’s been over fifteen years since KTM last produced an authentic road homologated performance sports bike for the masses," states the press release, adding, "The company is harnessing all their expertise, gained through efforts in MotoGP, thousands of track laps, wins and podiums, to fire the KTM 990 RC R to life."

And, boy howdy, does it look like KTM leaned on its racing background.

An LC8 heart beats within the carbon bodywork and was "honed for rasping torque and horsepower and pumped out through the new ergo-crafted and condensed stainless steel muffler." KTM also says that the 990 RC R's power will be "fettled through a shifter that can be reversed to race-shift as standard," i.e. up for 1st gear, down for 2nd through 6th gear. 

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The brand states that the 990 RC R's steel frame has been "engineered for dynamic performance"—as one would hope—and "with increased weight bias towards the front end" to give you better front end grip. Likewise, both the offset steering head angle of 25-degrees, and frames' overall stiffness are designed to give riders the "right feel and stability under acceleration on bumpy roads or on racetracks while also maintaining agility, especially at low speeds."

According to the company, its engineers played with a handful of the bike's contact points to ensure the perfect fit, giving rider's better connection to the bike's dynamics while both leaning and "tucking in." To do so, the engineers even experimented with the shape of the 990 RC R's fuel tank. There's also adjustable foot rests and a fully adjustable WP APEX Open Cartridge suspension setup. 

Lightweight aluminum wheels shod with Michelin tires complete the package. 

That said, KTM will also be launching a hardcore track-only model, too, called the 990 RC TRACK. The bike will be "Crafted by KTM in their Austrian factory, the modifications strip away the road-legal essentials, incorporate protective components, fine-tune adjustments, customize further, and revise racing bodywork, including a full exhaust system." Why a track-only model? Because why not, that's why.

KTM stated that while the full model won't be unveiled immediately, the 990 RC R will be "unveiled in early 2024 in the form of a prototype, making appearances as a wildcard entry in non-point scoring outings across select European Supersport series." 


Speaking of the new motorcycle, Riaan Neveling, Head of KTM Global Marketing stated, “The KTM 990 RC R is a groundbreaking innovation for those who live for the thrill of cornering. It's for those who lean close to the road, almost brushing their knees, and then push the limits, dragging elbow to the tarmac on the racetrack. This bike offers power and prestige without the exorbitant price tag.” says Riaan Neveling, Head of KTM Global Marketing.

There's still no word on that price, however, nor horsepower, torque, weight, or any other spec. That'll all come likely closer to its 2025 launch date. But hot damn, does this look awesome. What do you all think, though? Are you as excited as I am about another KTM superbike for the road?

Honestly, I'm losing my mind just thinking of everywhere I want to take this hellion. 

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