I have a lot of tattoos. I have a full sleeve on my right arm, a partial sleeve on my left, and one tattoo on my ribs. It'd be fair to say I have a slight addiction. But none of my tattoos are motorcycle or powersports related. That is none were until I recently attended the Circuit of the Americas round of MotoGP.

While I was at the event, I snuck out one evening and hit up a local shop in Austin's downtown to get a simple, fun motorcycle tattoo I've been wanting for a minute—I let the intrusive thoughts have fun. But as you can see from the picture above, it's everyone's favorite minimalist moto design: a throttle twist arrow. 

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Yes, it's been done before. No, it's not as one-off as all my other tattoos. But even though other folks have it, my tattoo holds a ton of meaning to me. Plus, it was by far the cheapest tattoo I've ever received, as well as the fastest. But after returning home and talking with the rest of the folks in the office, I was wondering what sort of moto or powersports tattoos do y'all have? 

What do they mean to you? When did you get them? Why did you get them? I'd love to see how everyone else who reads RideApart expresses their love for all things powersports on their bodies, barring any sensitive areas (I'll will perma ban you if y'all get gross). 

Maybe I'll turn it into a second post showcasing the dope art we all have and get into the history of tattoo culture and how it permeates motorcycling culture. There's a lot there that I'd love to explore and I know a few artists who'd be ready to talk. 

So let's see what you have in the comments below!

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