I'm not a big fan of Tesla in general, but I'm even less so of the brand's new Cybertruck. I find the whole thing childish in design and execution, and not in a good, fun way. But some like it, and I'm not the arbiter of what everyone should like, nor would I want to be. Yet, I've had one burning question since its introduction and that's "Can you fit a motorcycle into its weird-ass bed?" 

Turns out, yes, you can. And if you're really good at Tetris, you can fit three. 

I was recently scrolling the interwebs and found two videos I'd like to call to your attention. The first is the one above, where a Cybertruck owner uses their Stark Varg electric motorcycle to demonstrate the truck's storage capabilities. They not only throw the motorcycle in sideways and close the tailgate, but also demonstrate that you'd have more than enough space for other motorcycles if you strap a dirt bike down parallel to the truck's bed rails. 


And credit where credit is due, the Cybertruck and its wonky shape eat the Varg up without issue. You can even theoretically charge a bike like a Stark Varg or Dust.Moto Alpha with your Cybertruck, which is honestly neat and handy. 

As for getting a few more motorcycles into its confines, one intrepid owner actually fit three dirt bikes into the back of their Cybertruck evidenced by this video here. The quality isn't great, but you can clearly see that all three fit without issue. Now whether or not it'd be easy to extract those bikes may be up for debate, but they do indeed fit. 

What I'd still love to see, however, is how the Cybertruck eats up a full-size motorcycles or two. Can you throw a bagger or adventure motorcycle into its bed or are you going to have issues? I know from personal experience that my Honda Ridgeline will accept both a bagger and an ADV and still be right as rain, even if it's only a unibody truck.

The Tesla should have more capability given its meant to fight the likes of Ford's F-150 Lightning. We'll just have to wait and see. 

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