As motorcyclists, adventure lies at the very core of our passion. It doesn’t really matter what kind of bike you ride, every single type of ride offers its enjoyers a unique form of adventure. However, for those looking to really go off the grid, the off-road scene presents itself with never-ending possibilities.

Sure, there are tons of off-road-focused enduro and adventure bikes designed to take you off the grid safely and efficiently. But what if that’s just too mainstream for you, and you crave something a little more unique, challenging, and perhaps even dangerous?

Well then I’m sure you and intrepid adventurer Matt Spears would get along nicely. We’ve talked about Matt on multiple occasions in the past. In fact, we’ve even had a conversation with the dude about his crazy off-road Honda Gold Wing. In his latest adventure, Matt takes Piggy, the affectionately named enduro Honda Gold Wing on an unforgettable adventure through the Magruder Corridor and the Montana BDR.


A quick disclaimer: we don’t recommend you take your Honda Gold Wing, or any road-focused tourer for that matter, off-road unless you’re willing to risk you and your bike’s life and limb. Take note that Matt is a professional enduro rider and racer who’s competed all over the US and Europe, so he’s more than capable of taming a beast like his Gold Wing in all terrain conditions. Even then, his video is full of drops, spills, and near misses.

Speaking of which, it’s a pretty long video north of 40 minutes, but it’s sure to have you glued to your screen as you eagerly watch Matt conquer seemingly impossible terrain aboard this heavyweight tourer. Even better still, he does so with his girlfriend riding pillion for most of the ride, only dismounting on super sketchy trails and filming third-person footage of Matt and Piggy.


The duo’s four-day-long adventure saw them cover quite a lot of ground, and traverse terrain designed specifically for 4x4 vehicles—the total opposite of Matt’s low-slung, long-distance tourer. I mean, sure, it’s been fitted with knobby tires and a bunch of protection for the engine and frame. But hearing the bike’s underbelly scrape on jagged rocks left me wincing on multiple occasions.

It does, however, seem that Matt and his girlfriend genuinely enjoyed the adventure, wholeheartedly embracing the risk and uncertainty that accompanied traveling through such remote locations. It goes without saying that the video captured by Matt and his girlfriend don’t do justice to the natural beauty of the world around us. I definitely recommend watching it from start to finish, as you’re sure to be hyped up for your next adventure after doing so.

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