Whether it's through outrageously beautiful custom motorcycles or cool apparel, most of you know Deus Ex Machina (God from the Machine). Since launching in Australia in 2006, the company has gone from producing some neat custom motorcycles and parts to a cultural phenomenon that celebrates creativity and automotive art in all its forms.

And if you didn't know what Deus Ex Machina was, now you do.

But if you were already aware of the brand, you've likely drooled over one of its hand-built machines and wondered if you bought one, would you keep it in the garage like a trophy or ride it like it's meant to be ridden? Well, wonder no more. They're on sale for a limited time only.

Deus has teamed up with Catawiki, a site dedicated to "the sale of exceptional appraised objects in Europe", to auction a selection of collectible and customized motorcycles. Specifically, you can get your hands on bikes manufactured over the last two years by the Deus Milano Workshop, as well as vintage models.

There is no reserve on any models, which always leaves the hope that you could pick up a sneaky bargain. Bidding is live and will end around midnight (EST) on Tuesday, 04/02.

Deus Ex Machina auction

My Top Picks

Like any "good" motorcycle journalist, I'll give you my top picks, which means I'll drool and let you know what it's over. In the spirit of Deus Ex Machina, my picks are based on what the bikes make me feel and have nothing to do with ROI or financially smart decision-making. So, pretty much in line with how all motorcyclists make buying decisions.

Fantic Caballero Deus 500cc

At the top of my list is the Deus Fuoristrada, which is a Deus Workshop Milano project bike based on the Fantic Motor Caballero 500cc. I love the Deus brand, and to me, this bike represents what it's all about: paying homage to the machines that moved the needle, as it's a tribute to the Fantic Caballero 50cc model from the 70s.

The graphics, heat-tape-wrapped SC Project exhaust, and knobbies make me want to go on an adventure. I'm sold. At the time of writing, the bid is €4,800, and it's expected to go for between €10,000 - €12,000.

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Kawasaki 500 March III

Tell me it has three cylinders, and it's a two-stroke, and I'm looking for my wallet. But show me this Kawasaki 500 March III, and I'm going to a bank manager. The bike was built in small numbers by Bucci Racing, for racing in 70s competitions. But it hasn't been left sitting around collecting dust, instead, it was maintained by the Route Classiche workshop.

Deus Ex Machina auction

It's unknown how many miles the bike has, but it participated in the 200 Miglia Revival at Imola in 2021 and is functional. The current offer is €4,000, and it's expected to fetch between €9,000 - €10,000.

KTM EXC Deus - Flat Track

Again, this is a bike I looked at, and without seeing anything else, screamed "Yes!". It's a totally custom KTM built for flat tracking with Deus graphics. What else do we need to know?

Deus Ex Machina auction

The bike uses a 525cc LC4 engine that has 10 hours on it, an SC-Project exhaust, a modified rear frame, excel rims and flat track tires, a Harley tank, a custom seat, and special coloring by Kaos Design with a Deus Ex Machina livery. The current bid is €2,900, and the experts estimate that it'll go for between €7,000 - €10,000.

Tell Us Your Picks

You know mine: one for wherever the road takes you, one for the track, and one for the dirty track. Now let us know if you had an unlimited budget, where would your money go?

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