If you're a snowmobile enthusiast, you already know Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the company that owns Ski-Doo and Europe's best-selling snowmobile brand, Lynx. Well, BRP's latest announcement will make anyone in the market for a 2024 model think about holding off and placing a pre-order for a 2025 unit.

Every major model in Ski-Doo's 2025 snowmobile lineup promises to be better than before, there's a 40th anniversary Lynx you'll want to get your hands on, new optional built-in GPS systems for both brands, and that's before you touch on the two new electric models coming to market. It's a lot. Let's dive in.

BPR 2025 Snowmobile lineup

Ski-Doo's Performance Upgrades

Anyone looking for more agility from Ski-Doo's MXZ range will get it in 2025, thanks to the addition of RAS RX front suspension on most models and one of the Backcountry snowmobiles. If speed and stability are what you're after, Ski-Doo has you covered on that front, too.

For the first time, the trail version of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R will be available in the Backcountry crossover segment, along with a wide ski stance. According to BRP, the Backcountry crossover upgrades are there to give winter explorers more options in terms of trail choices.

BPR 2025 Snowmobile lineup

Deep snow riders haven't been left out of the equation, as the top models in this segment are getting some welcome upgrades. Ski-Doo has made some of the components on the Summit X more lightweight to ensure it continues to be the lightest pick of the bunch.

Anyone who's seeking more technical terrain in 2025 should take note of the Summit X with Expert package, as it gets added suspension capacity in the form of KYB Pro front shocks. 

For 2025, the Freeride comes with a rack steering system intended to add more control at higher speeds and in rough conditions. And, since the Summit Neo mid-size models are usually ridden at high elevations, Ski-Doo has upped the power across the model range to help match the harsh conditions.

BPR 2025 Snowmobile lineup

Lynx Anniversary Edition

Ski-Doo loyalists are being rewarded by upgrades across all major models, but Lynx riders are getting something that's arguably more intriguing: an anniversary edition. The Rave GLS 40th Anniversary Edition celebrates 40 years of Lynx's trail performance and snowmobile racing in European snowcross since the mode's introduction. Its livery pays tribute to where the model comes from, but every other aspect is top-tier performance.

2025 Lynx Anniversary addition

The GLS 40th Anniversary Edition kicks things off with the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R powerplant, which uses water injection. Once it's on the move, PPS3 rear suspension, LFS front suspension, and Kashima-coated KYB Pro 46 HLCR shocks should mean that this handles like a snowmobile straight off a race track.

A Connected Experience

When most of us throw a leg over a snowmobile, we want to leave the world behind for a few hours and get lost in the snow. But not so lost that we can't get home. Well, on Ski-Doo and Lynx 2025 models, you'll have the option to get lost and always find your way back by adding the 10.25-inch Touchscreen Display with built-in GPS.

BRP Snowmobile 2025 lineup

The best part about this optional system is that you can access many of the functions without needing to connect your phone. So features like breadcrumb paths, compass, and vehicle direction are always at your fingertips. Riders can also download the BRP GO! app, which gives you access to advanced navigation features.

Two New Electric Snowmobiles

BRP introduced its first-ever electric snowmobiles in 2024, and now it's adding two more to the lineup in the form of the Ski-Doo Expedition Electric and another Lynx Adventure Electric. According to BRP, these models were designed specifically to move personnel around ski centers, resorts, and areas where small distances are traveled.

The new models are powered by the same proprietary Rotax E-Power technology as the 2024 EV snowmobiles. And, according to BRP, these quiet drivetrains are much lighter than any other EV snowmobiles on the market. These actions fall in line with BRP's commitment to add electric models to each of its lines by 2026.

The difference between BRP's new electric snowmobiles versus the 2024 models is track length. The 2024 models have shorter tracks for better range on groomed trails, while the 2025 models offer wider, longer tracks intended to provide better flotation and traction in loose snow. One thing to note is that the Lynx Adventure Electric will only be available in Europe.

The only question is, which model out of the 2025 lineup tempts you to make a pre-order the most? We're also going to be riding them next week, so look out for our continuing coverage on these snowmobiles. 

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