Here in 2023, electric saddle-type scooters aren’t a rarity. With such a variety to choose from, riders can choose from utilitarian, indifferent design options—or they can choose one that makes them ooh and aah. Is the Lambretta Elettra one of the latter? It just might be—but even if I think it looks fantastic, design is ultimately subjective.  

One thing I can tell you is that Lambretta says it isn’t a concept. It’s not in production yet, but this is what it should look like when it does go into production. Call it a pre-production model; beyond the testing phase, but not quite to the finish line just yet. 

Upon its introduction at EICMA 2023, Lambretta also helpfully provided details about the Elettra, rather than just saying “here, look at this” and leaving us to contemplate its visual merits alone.  

Lambretta Elettra - Front Left Closeup


The Elettra will be powered by a four-kilowatt permament magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), capable of producing 11 kW at peak power. Claimed torque is 258 newton meters, or 190-ish pound feet. Top speed is 110 kilometers per hour, or about 68 miles per hour.  

Ride Modes and Ranges 

Lambretta Elettra - Cockpit View

The production Lambretta Elettra will have three ride modes: Eco, Ride, and Sport. Range, says Lambretta, could be as much as 127 km (about 79 miles) on a single charge, assuming you keep your average speed to about 40 kilometers per hour (or just under 25 mph).

If you like to ride faster, your range could drop to around 60 km (about 37 miles), assuming a continuous regular speed of 80 km/h (or 50-ish mph). Real-world range, if these numbers are close to accurate, will likely be somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum.

As with other electric vehicles, other factors can also impact your range. Just as a couple of examples, a strong tailwind or drafting behind a big truck can increase your range, while a strong headwind and lots of hill climbing can decrease your range.  

Battery and Charging 

The Lambretta Elettra will come with a 4.6-kilowatt hour lithium battery, which Lambretta says will charge in about five and a half hours using a 220-volt outlet. However, this time can be cut down to just 36 minutes by fast charging at a public charging station (only up to 80 percent of a full charge).  

Other Useful Details 

Gallery: Lambretta Elettra

The seat height of the Lambretta Elettra will be a very accessible 780mm, or just under 31 inches. Total curb weight is a claimed 135 kg, which is just under 298 pounds. Looking at this design (and going by other electric scooters), the center of gravity should be quite low, making it easy to handle.  

The Lambretta Elettra will ride on a pair of 12-inch wheels and use a traditional trailing link suspension up front. In the rear, you’ll see a single shock absorber above the motor, that connects to the swingarm. The turn signals are integrated into the ends of the handlebars—and if you look closely in the photos, you’ll see that the brake levers can retract to a position that makes them flush with the handlebars.  

Another notable feature that you’ll see in the photos is the body—which will be able to lift up and expose the motor and battery for easy access, simply by pushing a button. It’s an interesting design, and one that was dreamed up by a design team led by current Lambretta president Walter Scheffrahn. You can see it in action in this video from Scooterlab UK. 

According to the official EICMA announcement, the Elettra should soon join Lambretta’s existing scooter range, but exact pricing and availability information have not yet been released.

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