November 1, 2023 marked the 12-year anniversary of Hoonigan. No matter how many wheels your preferred vehicles have, a whole lot of people around the world were inspired by Ken Block during his too-short time in this life. Hard enduro rider Kirian Mirabet Vidiella is definitely one of them—so he’s made yet another Gymkhana tribute on his Honda Africa Twin in Madrid. 

It’s called Gymkhana 2: Desguaces La Torre, and it follows on from the first Gymkhana tribute video he made shortly after Block’s death. This time, he’s at the massive Desguaces la Torre facility in Madrid.  

For those unfamiliar, it’s what’s known as an “authorized treatment center” for cars. Instead of a car graveyard where old cars just get dumped, places like Desguaces la Torre work to treat discarded vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. The facility has been in operation since 1982. It takes discarded vehicles apart, recycling what it can (in the form of parts) and disposing of what it can’t in a responsible manner. 

You didn’t come here to learn about a massive car recycling facility in Madrid, though. You came to watch an extremely talented hard enduro rider rip it up on his Honda Africa Twin, with his Insta360 camera and a skilled drone pilot recording his every move.  

The video is honestly the perfect way to end your Friday, particularly if you work in an office. Now, we’d never suggest that you attempt any of the stunts shown here for your own safety. At the same time, who among us hasn’t fantasized about tearing out of a parking garage just like this after a particularly grueling day?  

After proceeding to show off his ridiculously high skill and balance levels in a variety of stunts around the Desguaces la Torre grounds, Mirabet finds the perfect getaway vehicle after several minutes of unrepentant hooning about the premises.  

The great thing about most motorcycles—even bigger ones, like an Africa Twin—is that they’ll fit inside a panel van, no problem. Riding into a company vehicle that’s parked with a zillion others that look just like it is the perfect way to leave the site totally incognito.  

Whatever you do this weekend, we hope it’s as excellently fun and rewarding as this. 

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