Going on a road trip on a motorcycle is always a great experience if that is your cup of tea. Rarer still are the people who take old bikes on cross-country tours seemingly undeterred by the prospect of breaking down. 

For the riders that do that fix up and take out their old and vintage motorcycles on long road trips, I salute you. Of course, there are some videos like this that are on the more romantic side of the fence, while there are others still that document the less glamorous side of vintage bike touring but still, hats off to the riders that actually go ahead with those trips. 

Adam Riemann has been featured here a number of times already. If you don’t already know, he’s rebuilt his 1992 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin, which he lovingly calls “the Warhorse,” and is back on the trail with it, kicking up dirt like it was brand new. 

So, after the new fairings, the new decals, the engine refresh, and other restored or replaced parts, you’d think that Adam would put it in the garage and just stare at it. Fortunately for us, Adam Riemann’s a real adventure rider. He restored his Africa Twin to give it a second wind and to bomb more trails. 

Here's the other video if you haven't seen it: 

This time around, he’s on tour through Australia on his Warhorse. While the video is more of a preface to the whole trip, Adam goes over the gear that he brought, and the stuff that’s on his bike that’ll help him navigate across the country. His loadout includes camping equipment, spare parts, food, fuel, and extra water. 

Riemann plans to track 15,000 kilometers or about 9320 miles through the course of this trip aboard his 31-year-old Africa Twin. Apart from that announcement, he gives a full run-down of all of his riding gear and his other pieces of equipment which he will otherwise need if he were to survive in the wilderness or in between towns and cities. 

We’re excited to see how his trip goes, and what challenges he might face. While his restoration job looks like it went smoothly, only time will tell whether it will hold up, and if the journey will throw a few surprises his way.

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