New to the world of small-capacity motorcycles in China, Kove has just unveiled a new design based on its 321 platform. It’s a modern cafe racer that’s taken a few things out of the industry’s playbook when it comes to making a neo-retro motorcycle for today’s market. 

Recently unveiled in China, the 321 F Cafe is based on Kove’s other 300cc roadsters, namely the Cobra 321 R and the 321 RR sportbike. The specs between the three models are similar as they all utilize a 321cc parallel-twin engine (seemingly derived from Yamaha’s design) that puts down 41.5 horsepower at 10,500 RPM. 

Paired with its wet weight of just 153 kilograms or about 337 pounds (wet weight with a full tank of gas), the bike is at the A2 license restriction limit for Europe at about 0.268 horsepower per kilogram. According to Kove, the top speed of this motorcycle is maxed at 170 kilometers per hour or about 105 miles per hour, claimed by Kove on its sixth gear. That being said, it also comes with a six-speed gearbox. 

Gallery: 2024 Kove 321F Cafe Racer

As for the chassis hardware, Kove wasn’t afraid of throwing all of its engineering chops at the 321 models, this cafe racer included. Shared with the rest of the 321 lineup, the 321F Cafe also gets a single-sided swingarm, an upside-down telescopic fork, centrally-mounted mono-shock, 110/70 R17 tires in the front, and 150/60 R17 tires in the rear. The bike rolls on wire-spoke wheels as well, further enhancing its cafe racer theme. 

Anti-lock brakes are also standard, and the system governs both the 320-millimeter single disc in the front and the 240-millimeter rear disc. Riding on a wheelbase of just 1,390 millimeters, the 321F Cafe’s size suggests that it’s a nimble bike to ride. 

Other features include a TFT gauge cluster and LED lights wrapped in neo-retro styling all around. The overall design is reminiscent of Husqvarna’s design language and a bit of Honda’s Hawk11. It’s an attractive design overall, and it also looks different enough 

The 321 F Cafe is now a part of the lineup, and the price was introduced alongside the unveiling. Kove’s pricing is set at 24,300 CNY, or about $3,340 USD given the exchange rate at the time of writing. 

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