Exploring the country on the back of two-wheeled machines can be filled with breathtaking views, endless roads, and tons of adventure. Add moto camping into the mix, and it’s surely something to remember. Getting out on a bike and pitching up tents is how As The Magpie Flies rides, and one of their adventures led them to the largest national park in Utah. 

Canyonlands National Park is a sprawling landscape of red rocks, endless roads, and even a campsite where the brother-sister pair spent 24 hours. The two bikes that the duo took at the start of their adventure include the “trusty” Suzuki V-Strom 650, and a 2022-year-old model Honda Africa Twin, the latter of which was lent out by Honda America. 

The first part of the video covers travel and camping, marking the first few hours in the 24. After a sumptuous campsite meal and a good night’s rest, it was off to Needle Top Post in Canyonlands for exploration. The first stop is Needles Visitor Center. 

At over 300,000 acres, the Needles district of the park could “swallow up Chicago,” and going through it requires a vehicle with high ground clearance, of which the two adventure bikes aren’t lacking. The area also features a network of hiking and backpacking trails for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts to go through and enjoy. 

The pair also visits Cave Spring Trail. A hiking route that also offers historic sites to see. Following that montage, and a full day of exploring and hiking, the duo head back to camp, for another good night’s rest after a full and fun day. 

What’s next on Amanda and Gary’s trip through the United States? You can expect more videos soon, I believe, so if their content interests you, do subscribe to their channel and see the next stop on their journey. 

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