What’s something you can do if you’re Red Bull that not many other companies would be able to pull off? Arrange a bonkers cross-discipline drag race event at an airstrip, of course. Since Red Bull has its hand in the sponsorship of so many different types of motorsports, that presumably makes it a lot easier to call up some of your most talented athletes and teams and get them to bring the vehicles you want down to your chosen airstrip for a day of fun. 

Of course, we can’t say for sure how those conversations went. Still, the proof is surely in the video, where we get to see not just two, but five distinct Red Bull sponsored racing vehicles take each other on in a quarter mile drag race challenge.  

Red Bull’s chosen presenter, Matt Jones, has Carwow’s Mat Watson along to help out. The pair even get to go for a ride in one of the cars, calling out their amateur status. That’s important, because the drivers and rider piloting all the other Red Bull racing machinery are all professional racers.  

In the Red Bull RB8 Formula One car, we have Liam Lawson. Racing the RC16 MotoGP bike, we have Dani Pedrosa. Ably helming the rallycross car, we have Timmy Hansen. At the wheel of the World Rally Championship car, we have Adrien Fourmaux. Last but not least, in the Ford E-Transit SuperVan, we have Romain Dumas. 

How do all these vehicles stack up on power and weight specs? We’ll just tuck those into a table to keep everything simple and easy to compare. 

Vehicle  Power  Weight  Notes 
RB8 Formula One car  850 horsepower  700 kilograms (about 1,543 and a quarter pounds)   
RC16 MotoGP bike  270 horsepower  157 kg (just over 346 pounds)   
Rallycross car  600 horsepower  1,300 kg (about 2,866 pounds)  Turbo 2.0-liter engine 
WRC car  550 horsepower  1,260 kg (just under 2,778 pounds)  ICE and electric hybrid 
Ford E-Transit SuperVan  1,500 kilowatts (about 2,011.5 horsepower)  1,680 kg (just under 3,704 pounds)   

For this race, the terms are pretty simple. It’s a best out of three competition to see who (and what) is fastest. You may think you know who wins, and you may also be correct—but as always, the fun part of a competition like this is the sheer spectacle. It’s a short video that’s just under six minutes long, so take a little break and let the fun wash over you. 

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