After launching the Honda EM1 e: electric scooter in Japan and in Europe, Team Red determined that Indonesia was the next market it wanted to test. Given the fact that around 85 percent of Indonesian households own at least one motorcycle as of 2022, and that around 125.27 million motorbikes are currently zooming around the country, it’s no wonder that Honda sees potential. 

While electric motorbikes don’t yet make up a huge percentage of Indonesian two-wheelers on the road in August 2023, the country is currently in a period of transition. Back in 2021, Indonesian government officials announced plans to become a nation of fully electric vehicles no later than 2050

Issuing statements is one thing, but as we all know, action is another. That’s why in March 2023, the Indonesian government announced a massive subsidy program to put around 800,000 new electric two-wheelers on its country’s roads. If it seems like you’re hearing a lot these days about electrification in the two-wheeled sector in Indonesia, that’s at least part of the reason why. 

Gallery: Honda EM1 e: Electric Scooter Heads to Indonesia

PT Astra Honda Motor is the nation’s Honda network. As of August 23, 2023, the Honda EM1 e: is currently listed for sale in the Indonesian market. As in previous global releases, it relies on Honda’s Mobile Power Pack e: battery packs, which are removable, swappable, and chargeable using a special home charger also produced by Honda. 

Unlike in Japan and Europe, the EM1 e: is available for sale in Indonesia—not rental. The pricing is 40,000,000 Indonesian rupiah (about $2,610) for the EM1 e: by itself. For the EM1 e: with a Honda Mobile Power Pack e:, it’s 45,000,000 rupiah (about $2,936).  

How does that compare to the combustion models that Honda also sells in Indonesia? Small-displacement scoots like the Honda BeAT, Genio, Scoopy, and Vario cost about half as much. A closer price comparison would be the Honda ADV160, which is priced at 36,200,000 rupiah (about $2,362) for the Combined Braking System version, or 39,400,000 (about $2,571) for the ABS version. If a scooter buyer wanted to get extremely fancy, they could opt for the Honda Forza instead. It’s priced at 90,330,000 rupiah (about $5,894) as of August 23, 2023. 

Just like other places making the transition to electric vehicles, infrastructure to support EVs in Indonesia is currently in the process of being built out. How well and how fast that happens remains to be seen—and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as news happens. 

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