Are you in need of some training before your big day? Do you feel like you need a few pointers? Good news! BMW Motorrad U.S. is giving its participants a chance to prepare for the qualifiers through a two-day course. 

Participants should know that the dates of the U.S. GS Trophy team qualifiers are fast approaching. Scheduled to happen from October 12 to 15, 2023, a whole weekend of riding is slated to see who will become a part of the 2024 International GS Trophy Team and represent the United States. 

Five people, three men and two women will be chosen to represent the United States next year, summer of 2024, in Namibia. For the rest of the particulars, head on over to our other article and see the rest of the event details

As for the course, BMW Motorrad U.S. will be hosting it from September 20 to 21, 2023. BMW U.S. Rider Academy will hold a class that is meant to help hopeful International GS Trophy competitors and give them a good shot at securing a spot for next year’s competition. 

Participants will experience individual and team International GS Trophy-style challenges, and the opportunity to hone their off-road adventure-style riding skills and techniques in preparation for the qualifiers. 

To participate, you do need to have solid off-road riding experience so this is an advanced to expert-level course with a curriculum tailored for the competition.

Enrolling in the course will cost $1,800 USD which is quite steep but appropriate since the qualifiers will require you to saddle up on a BMW Motorrad-provided bike. As such, the course fee will cover your bike rental for two days from the BMW U.S. Rider Academy. 

If you want the best shot at securing your spot in the U.S. GS Trophy Team, this course is a good bet. Not only will you be given extra saddle time, but you will also be given insight into the qualifying round for the competition. The September dates will be the last prep course on BMW U.S. Rider Academy’s calendar, so enroll now. 

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