Now more than ever, people are focusing on the small aspects when it comes to improving the performance of their motorcycles. If before, the focus was sheer riding enjoyment, these days, it’s shedding even the smallest amount of weight, squeezing out tiny bits of power, or improving downforce.

Speaking of the latter, we’ve seen more and more sportbikes enter the market with winglets fitted as standard – a feature that was once considered outlandish and excessive. Indeed, at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, these winglets play a role in keeping the front wheel firmly on the ground, so it’s understandable that they’re fitted on some of the top-tier supersports. That being said, not all sportbikes are equipped with winglets, and for whatever reason, you may want to have a set fitted onto your bike.

Check Out These New Aftermarket Winglet Kits From Puig

Luckily, Spanish aftermarket specialist Puig has just released aftermarket options for a variety of motorcycles. According to Puig, its designs were tested in a virtual wind tunnel based on MotoGP models. The brand promises some real-world aerodynamic benefits, with some models producing up to 3.5 kilograms of downforce at speeds of 130 miles per hour. At 187 miles per hour – speeds achievable only at the circuit – the winglets are said to provide up to 8 kilos of downforce.

While this is cool and all, the majority of superbike owners who mainly ride on the street will benefit mostly from the aesthetic benefit this aftermarket upgrade provides. I mean, who doesn’t love a sportbike that looks like a MotoGP race bike for the road? As for rigidity and longevity, expect nothing less from Puig, as the Spanish brand has been making aftermarket accessories for the world’s top bikes for decades now. The winglets are made of four-millimeter thick, UV-resistant plastic, and depending on the model, are either bolted onto existing screw points, or mounted with adhesive.

Check Out These New Aftermarket Winglet Kits From Puig

Installation is super straightforward, too, according to Puig, with the winglet for the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade taking just 15 minutes to install. Of course, the installation procedure on different bikes will vary, but Puig states that its winglets don’t necessitate the drilling of additional holes to your bike’s precious fairings.

It isn’t just sportbikes that benefit from this upgrade, either. Naked bikes like the Kawasaki Z900 and Yamaha MT-09 can also be fitted with Puig’s winglets designed specifically for naked bikes. The brand new Honda CB750 Hornet will also get a set of winglets, though these bikes aren’t exactly known for being able to breach 140 miles per hour.

As for pricing, well it depends on your bike. For the Honda CBR1000RR, Puig’s winglets are priced at 219.90 Euros, or about $245 USD. Meanwhile, the naked bikes like the Z900 get theirs for 198.50 Euros, or $223 USD.

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