At the beginning of the 2023 Dutch GP, Quartararo was not exactly in the best shape due to a twisted ankle and a fractured toe. However, even with those ailments, he was still able to score a podium, finishing third in the sprint race and sharing the stage with Marco Bezzecchi and Pecco Bagnaia finishing in first and second, respectively. 

After closing off the podium for the sprint race, the Dutch GP would have a different outcome for the Yamaha rider in the later stages. Quartararo had a crash on the third lap of the race which aggravated his injury even more and went so far as to further displace the fracture in his toe. 

Quartararo injured his ankle and toe while jogging in Amsterdam, unfortunately just in time for race day. His doctors, however, deemed him fit to race however. 

The other rider involved in the crash was Johann Zarco. Both racers were taken out of the race as a result. Both riders were rushed to the medical center, with Fabio sporting a sling around his left arm. Quartararo admitted that the accident was his fault, and Zarco only experienced a few pains and bruises. Unfortunately for Pramac Ducati’s rider, Zarco’s three-podium streak was cut short by Quartararo. 

Now, the good news is that the arm injury isn’t that serious, and it won’t take long to recover, however, Quartararo’s foot will need to be operated on. The left elbow sprain will take a few weeks to heal, but his left foot will need more attention from doctors. 

“[The arm recovery] is not going to be so long,” Quartararo stated in an interview.  “For the foot, I will have to check, but it [is expected to be] surgery. 

“I don’t know if I could race right now, it’s pretty painful. I think I will take a rest now, but I expect to be ready for Silverstone,” he added. 

While extremely unfortunate, Quartararo won’t miss any races due to these injuries at least that is what is being projected for now. The second part of the MotoGP season is coming, and the next GP will happen at Silverstone on the first weekend of August 2023. 

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