Stay tuned, because Kymco is charged up and ready to show the world their newest addition to the IONEX range of bikes. Translated, the headline states that the Taiwanese brand has a “trump card” to reveal in the market that will join the IONEX family of models. 

Currently, IONEX is a platform that utilizes a swappable battery system that is sleek, and can be carried with you for charging at home, or swapped on the go at any IONEX station. The concept is also similar to Gogoro, and with hubs scattered throughout major cities, users can leave their range anxieties behind, as Kymco claims in its videos and marketing materials. 

Head-Turning Cool, Never Wait For Charging, and Never Worry About Range, these are the headlines in the IONEX program of Kymco, and the system allows its riders to utilize a network of outlets and stations, plus extra battery rentals to promote long-range all-electric travel. 

What’s interesting about the IONEX platform is that the batteries charge the core module in the bike, which is the one that powers the rear wheel. The system can actively switch between the installed battery modules if there is more than one in the bike, and battery stations ensure that there are cells for users to pick up should they run low. 

IONEX was first introduced in 2018, and the range has grown since. Now, it appears that Kymco’s newest announcement could shake up the market, at least in its home country of Taiwan, or perhaps even for the rest of the world. 

The announcement will be made on June 19, 2023, at 11:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Kymco TW’s pages and social platforms. We’re probably going to see a new model come from the brand, either that or it’s a new innovation to the IONEX platform altogether. Either way, stay tuned because this announcement could be a shocking one. 

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